2023 NSale Preview – Denim Edition

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It’s one of our favorite times of year!  The Nordstrom Sale is officially open to Icon cardholders today, and we are so excited to start shopping our Nashville store today!  The sale will continue to open to cardholders on a sliding scale and ultimately opens to the public on July 17th.  We love to shop every aspect of this sale…  But one of our favorite things to help our clients buy during the Nordstrom Sale is denim.  It’s a great time to be opportunistic and purchase some high quality denim at better prices.  So, we thought we would share some of our favorite jeans in the sale with you guys today.  Keep reading for the 2023 NSale Preview – Denim Edition!


2023 NSale Preview – Denim Edition

The Nordstrom Sale is a great time to do a refresh on your jeans for fall and winter.  All of the trending silhouettes are represented in the sale, and goodness the prices are SO good!  SO, if you can get organized on your needs and wants, this is a great time to purchase you some new jeans.

We get it – jeans can be tricky.  It seems like the styles are constantly updating…  There are countless washes to choose from…  Different brands fit different bodies differently…  That is where we come in as stylists!  If you want some help shopping the denim in the NSale (or of course anything for that matter), contact us.  We would love to help you!

Ok, now let’s take a look at some of our favorite denim in the 2023 NSale! We decided to organize this post by denim wash, as it seemed like the most organized way to do it.  When we think about denim, we want to make sure we have different washes represented, as they serve different purposes and pair differently with varying colorways on top.  And then of course, we think about style or silhouette.  For each of the washes, we chose a few of our favorite styles that are represented in the sale to give you guys some good styles to think about!


A Few Of Our Light Wash Favorites

First up, light wash denim!  It’s good to have a light wash pair of jeans as we transition into late summer and early fall.  Perfect for wearing before we are really ready to pull out darker washes.  Plus, a little style hack for you guys…  Black pairs beautifully with light wash denim!  A few notes on our selections…

  • Acid wash is trending HUGE, so we wanted to find a pair that we loved, and we did!  We particularly love the idea of acid washed jeans in a wide leg silhouette, like we have shown here.
  • The two middle pair happen to be one of our most favorite brands of jeans – Mother denim.  One has a flared ankle, and one has a slight bootcut.  We always recommend to our clients that they have some sort of flared leg in their jeans wardrobe – how wide the flare is comes down to preference!
  • We are seeing mostly high rise waists at this point, but brands continue to release mid ride silhouettes, as some do still prefer that.  So we wanted to include one of those as well!

2023 NSale Preview - Denim Edition Light Wash Denim personal stylists share favorite light wash denim in NSale the best jeans in the Nordstrom Sale the best light wash jeans for fall personal stylists share the best denim in the Nordstrom Sale how to buy light wash jeans

Acid Wash High Waist Raw Hem Wide Leg Ankle | High Waist Frayed Hem FlareHigh Waist Frayed Ankle BootcutMid Rise Ripped Slim Ankle


Medium Wash Silhouttes We Are Loving

A medium wash jean is a must have for fall.  It sits right in the middle of light and dark, which means it’s super versatile for the fall months.  We pulled a variety in terms of silhouette and price for you guys here.  This collection represents many of the main styles of jeans, so have fun checking them out!

2023 NSale Preview - Denim Edition Medium Wash Denim how to shop for jeans in the NSale how to buy jeans at the Nordstrom Sale the best jeans in the NSale personal stylists share favorite medium wash jeans for fall early fall style inspiration must have jeans for fall

High Waist Stretchy Straight Leg {Extended Sizing} | Mid Rise Kickout CropPlus Size Link | High Waist Wide Leg Ankle | High Waist Ripped Straight Leg | High Waist Straight Leg


A Few Dark Wash Pairs To Check Out

A dark wash is fabulous for fall and winter!  Here are three different styles we love for a dark wash jean….  Skinny – yes they are still around!  And the cigarette, which is fitted through the legs and has a slight flare at the ankle.  And how fabulous are those two button waist flare jeans?!  LOVE!

2023 NSale Preview - Denim Edition Dark Wash Denim how to buy dark wash jeans favorite dark wash jeans in the NSale Nashville stylists share favorite denim in Nordstrom Sale how to shop for jeans at the Nordstrom Sale must have fall denim fall style inspiration how to shop for jeans must have jeans the best dark wash jeans

High Waist Skinny {Extended Sizing}High Waist Crop CigaretteSuper High Waist Two Button Flare


Last But Not Least…  Black & Coated Denim

And of course, we needed to include a few black options as well.  On the left is one of our favorite coated jeans that – lucky for us – is part of the sale!  We always recommend that our clients have a pair of coated jeans in their fall and winter closet.  We also love a black jean with a flare ankle, or in a bootcut.  These are three really good pairs to choose from if you are looking to update your denim!

2023 NSale Preview - Denim Edition Black Denim must have black jeans how to buy black jeans in the Nordstrom Sale the best black denim in the NSale how to buy jeans in the Nordstrom Sale must have jeans for fall must have jeans for winter the best fall jeans how to shop the NSale the best pieces in the NSale

Coated High Waist Straight Leg AnkleHigh Waist Frayed Ankle FlareHigh Waist Slit Hem Curvy Bootcut


Thanks for reading today!  Lots more Nordstrom Sale content coming your way over the next few weeks!


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