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Please find below our most frequently asked questions. We cover key details about how we work with clients, as well as Effortless Style services and packages. If you don’t find the answer you need here, please feel free to send us an email.

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Absolutely not. Our approach isn’t about dressing you in our personal preferences. Instead, we start by having new clients fill out an online form that delves into their distinct style preferences. This form, combined with our direct consultations, lays the foundation for tailoring a wardrobe journey that resonates with your unique taste and lifestyle. Your style, your journey – that’s our focus.

Absolutely! We’re here every step of the way. Whether it’s the changes that come with menopause, fluctuations in weight, or any other transition, we understand the journey of a woman’s body through different life phases. Our passion is to provide recommendations that help you feel confident and fabulous during these transitions. Your evolving style is our focus, and we’re excited to support you through it all.

Absolutely, we provide virtual styling assistance. Our tailored virtual styling services cater to both local and non-local clients, accessible through our user-friendly online platform/app. For added convenience, many of our clients also enjoy the benefits of our ‘Virtual Styling Subscription’ option. Your style journey knows no boundaries with our virtual support.

Not at all. Our approach is tailored to you, which includes your budget preferences. In fact, we prioritize this by including a budget question in our initial questionnaire for all new clients. This budget, combined with our conversations, forms the foundation for planning a shopping experience that aligns seamlessly with your individual financial comfort. Your style journey should be as unique as you are, and that includes the shopping destinations we explore together.

Not at all! Actually, we seldom work with celebrities. Here at Effortless Style, our primary focus has consistently been on assisting everyday women and men. Our genuine passion lies in helping individuals who seek guidance in dressing confidently for their real-life, everyday experiences.

Yes we do! While all our services cater to both men and women, we understand that men have unique needs when it comes to fashion, and we have a team of stylists that specialize and have deep experience in styling for men. That’s why we’ve curated a package specifically tailored to help men enhance their wardrobe and refine their personal style.

Absolutely, we appreciate your proactive approach! Sharing your insights about styles that don’t resonate with you can offer valuable guidance as we begin our journey together. However, we encourage you to keep an open mind throughout this process. Many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised by trying styles and colors they initially thought wouldn’t work for them. Our ultimate aim is to assist you in looking and feeling your best. Sometimes, this involves exploring pieces or shades you might not have considered before. By approaching this experience with a willingness to experiment, you allow us to showcase a range of options that could be your perfect fit. Your trust empowers us to do what we do best—uncover styles that truly enhance your unique essence.

Absolutely, you’re in good hands! We specialize in assisting clients with travel preparations, whether it’s for business or leisure. In fact, we’ve designed a dedicated ‘Effortless Style Travel Package‘ tailored to help you seamlessly prepare for your upcoming adventures. So, yes, consider your packing woes resolved!

Absolutely, we’re here to guide you! Navigating the world of black tie events can be quite a task, and that’s where we excel. Our team has extensive experience in preparing clients for prestigious occasions like Swan Ball, The Heritage Ball, CMA Awards, The NEXT Awards, Frist Gala, The Hermitage Gala, The Ballet Ball, and more. Consider us your go-to for ensuring you shine at every elegant affair. Your red-carpet-ready look awaits! Check out our special occasion package for more information.

Absolutely, we’ve got you covered! If coordinating outfits feels overwhelming, our specialty is putting together stylish looks. Our tailored Styling Session service could be just what you need. During these sessions, our skilled stylists will visit you and collaborate with the items in your closet, crafting ensembles perfect for your daily routine. This includes clothing, shoes, accessories, and even handbags – the whole package! We’ll capture each ensemble through photographs, creating your personalized Effortless Style Lookbook on our app. This digital guide will become your reliable tool for dressing effortlessly, whether it’s for work, leisure, or any occasion in between.

Absolutely, you’re in good hands! Shoe struggles, especially with specific foot conditions like bunions or plantar fasciitis, can be daunting. Rest assured, our experienced stylists are well-versed in various shoe brands and stores, especially those catering to specialty needs. Whether you’re seeking comfort for bunions or dealing with narrow or wide feet, we take pride in assisting you in finding the perfect fit. Your comfort and style go hand in hand for us, and we’re dedicated to helping you step confidently, whatever your unique requirements may be.

Absolutely, congratulations on this exciting phase! The perfect time to engage with us is truly up to you. We’ve supported clients both during pregnancy and after childbirth, so either choice is great. Especially for first-time pregnancies, many find our assistance invaluable in navigating the changing wardrobe needs. Yes, we do indeed shop for maternity clothes, and we also provide recommendations for non-maternity pieces that can seamlessly transition with you through this journey and beyond. Your comfort and confidence are our priority, no matter the stage, and we’re here to ensure your style aligns beautifully with this special chapter of your life.

Absolutely, we’re here for you! Age is no limitation to our services. We assist numerous clients who are over 65, and we understand the unique needs and desires that come with different life phases. Whether you’re navigating body changes or simply seeking personalized guidance for special occasions like class reunions, holiday celebrations, European travels, or anything in between, our support is unwavering. Your age is just a number, and your style journey is always our priority, regardless of the years behind you.

Absolutely, you’re in great hands! We completely understand the challenges faced by those who are petite, plus size, or tall. Finding pieces in these specialized sizes can be a real struggle. Our stylists empathize with your journey and are well-prepared to assist you. We’ve curated a comprehensive list of our trusted sources for such unique sizing needs. This ensures that when we work with clients requiring specialty sizes, we’re armed with options that perfectly fit your style aspirations. We even order in specific pieces to help you achieve the look you love. Your confidence and comfort matter, and we’re dedicated to making your style journey seamless and exciting, regardless of your sizing needs.

Absolutely not required! Feel free to do so if you wish, but please know it’s not an essential step. Our dedicated Closet Audit service involves a thorough assessment of every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. We’ll collaborate with you to decide what to keep, what to part with, and what might be lacking. So, there’s no need for any prep before we arrive – we’ll handle everything together during our session.

Our shopping experience, especially when you’re with our stylist in person, is all about having a great time together! Before you even arrive, our stylists will either pre-select items or scout the store to get a head start. They’ll curate pieces that align with your unique style and body type, ensuring each selection flatters you perfectly. Throughout the process, you’ll receive valuable advice on how to effortlessly incorporate these new additions into your existing wardrobe. Our aim is to make the personal shopping experience seamless and enjoyable, ensuring that you feel at ease every step of the way. Your style journey is meant to be fun and stress-free!

You’re asking the good stuff! We’re excited to spill the beans – it’s a mix of all that’s stylish! We’re proudly independent stylists, which means we’re not tied down to any single store. Our shopping choices are guided by your unique preferences, budget, and style. We explore local boutiques and major department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and more. Plus, with the evolving shopping landscape, online shopping has become a real treasure trove, especially given the limitations in Nashville. Your style journey deserves the best, and that’s exactly what we’re committed to delivering!

Absolutely! While we don’t provide formal color swatching, our stylists possess an innate sense for identifying what suits you best. Rest assured, when you work with us, we’ll expertly select colors that seamlessly complement your unique skin tone and overall style.

Absolutely! Navigating styles that perfectly complement your individual body is our expertise. With a keen eye, our stylists can skillfully identify the cuts, shapes, and designs that enhance your unique physique. Every body is distinct, and our goal is to ensure you leave feeling cool, confident, and utterly fabulous in attire that celebrates your individuality. Your comfort and confidence are at the heart of our approach, and we’re dedicated to making sure you look and feel your best in every way.


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