Our Packages

Whether you need a seasonal boost, a complete makeover, a few perfect outfits for an upcoming trip, or help with your style for a special occasion, Effortless Style packages are custom-tailored for you.


How we Work

To make your styling experience seamless and enjoyable, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Effortless Style App as part of all of our Effortless Style packages. This innovative tool serves as your virtual fashion assistant, offering inspiration, outfit suggestions, and a channel for direct communication with your dedicated stylist. Stay connected and explore new possibilities effortlessly. With the app at your fingertips, you can easily stay connected and explore new possibilities.

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The Seasonal Boost

Stay effortlessly stylish throughout the changing seasons with our sought-after “Seasonal Boost” package. Our expert stylists will tailor our services to your unique style and needs. It begins with an initial consultation, where we get to know your preferences and wardrobe goals. Our goal is to fully grasp your individuality, which is the key to creating a personalized and authentic style.

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How it Works

We will start with a comprehensive Closet Audit to assess your current wardrobe, eliminating items that no longer serve you and creating a list of needed additions. But that’s not all! This package also includes your choice of a personalized shopping session where our stylists will hand-select garments and accessories from your shopping list, plus must-have seasonal pieces or a seasonal styling session. Whether you seek key essentials or bold new styles, we’ve got you covered.

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The Effortless Style Makeover

  • Consultation
  • Closet Audit
  • Personal Shopping
  • Styling Session

Experience a transformative wardrobe overhaul with our highly popular “Effortless Style Makeover” package. Designed for those seeking a complete transformation, this package encompasses a range of services that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best.

It all begins with an initial consultation, where our expert stylists take the time to understand your unique style preferences and aspirations. We believe that this deep understanding is crucial in creating a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality and enhances your confidence.

Next, we embark on a comprehensive closet audit, carefully assessing your current wardrobe to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be added. We’ll help you declutter and streamline your collection, ensuring that every piece aligns with your desired style and fits you perfectly.

You’ll also enjoy 1-2 personalized shopping trips, where our stylists curate a selection of garments and accessories that perfectly complement your taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re aiming for a chic professional look or a casual weekend ensemble, we’ll handpick pieces that elevate your style to new heights.

To complete your transformation, we offer a dedicated styling session, where we put together head-to-toe outfits that showcase your newfound style. Our expert guidance and attention to detail ensure that you leave with a wardrobe that not only looks fabulous but also feels effortlessly authentic.

Throughout your journey, you’ll have exclusive access to our Effortless Style app, serving as your virtual fashion companion. Find inspiration, receive outfit suggestions, and stay connected with your dedicated stylist for ongoing support and guidance.

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The Effortless Man

Attention, gentlemen! Elevate your wardrobe and personal style with our exclusive “Effortless Man” package. While all our services cater to both men and women, we understand that men have unique needs when it comes to fashion, and we have a team of stylists who specialize and have deep experience in styling for men. That’s why we’ve curated a package specifically tailored to help men enhance their wardrobe and refine their personal style.

  • Consultation
  • Closet Audit
  • Personal Shopping

The Effortless Travel Package

Embark on your dream vacation or business trip with confidence, thanks to our specialized “Effortless Travel” package. Whether you’re exploring the wonders of Europe, navigating a weeklong business venture, or soaking up the sun on a beach getaway, we’ve got you covered.

Our travel package begins with an initial consultation, either over the phone or in person, where we discuss your specific needs and travel plans. 

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Based on your preferences, we offer customized support tailored to your needs. If you need new items, we provide a personal shopping session, bringing you carefully curated looks to consider. Alternatively, we can offer virtual support through online shopping, providing you with a custom style guide and convenient links to browse and purchase the recommended outfits online.

For those who already have a well-stocked wardrobe, we offer a Styling Session at your location. Our stylists will lay out a variety of looks specifically tailored for your trip, capturing pictures to make getting dressed each day a seamless experience. To make things even easier, we can pack those looks directly into your suitcase, ensuring you’re ready to go.

With our “Effortless Travel” package, you can expect one to two sessions, depending on your needs. We’re here to alleviate the stress of packing and help you make the most of your travel experience.

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The Special Occasion

Make a lasting impression at your upcoming special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, class reunion, family photo shoot, or charity event. With our dedicated “Special Occasion” package, we’ll help you navigate the daunting task of finding the perfect outfit, leaving you feeling confident and ready to embrace the celebration.


How it Works

We begin with an initial consultation, conducted over the phone or in person, where we delve into your specific needs and style preferences. 

Next, we embark on a personalized shopping session, carefully curating a selection of complete looks that are tailored to your unique taste and event requirements. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you find the perfect look that makes you shine.

For your convenience, we offer two options within our “Special Occasion” package. The first option entails one personal shopping session together, where we assist you in finding the ideal ensemble. Alternatively, the second option consists of two sessions. The first session includes a personal shopping pull by one of our stylists, while the second session involves a fitting where we present you with a range of options in the comfort of your own home.


The Effortless Style Client
Retainer Package

Introducing our Effortless Style Client Retainer Package, where ultimate flexibility meets unparalleled style. Crafted for individuals seeking a seamless and ongoing styling experience, this package starts at 10 hours of our skilled stylist’s dedicated time. Designed to offer you an on-call stylist at your fingertips, the ES Client Retainer package ensures that your shopping and styling needs are met consistently, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s curating a polished ensemble for a special event, refreshing your seasonal wardrobe, or simply seeking style advice on the fly, our retainer package provides you with a dedicated partner in fashion. Elevate your style journey with the convenience and expertise that come with having a personal stylist on standby, turning your fashion aspirations into everyday realities.

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Custom Tailored Packages

Clients hire us for personal shopping for various reasons. Some just want a seasonal upgrade. Some need looks for an upcoming business event or trip… others need a complete overhaul of their wardrobe. Whatever your needs, we can help!