3 Ways To Style A Convertible Maxi Skirt

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We have been seeing some really good looking convertible maxi skirts in the stores this summer. This concept is fun because there are so many different looks you can create with it!  Let’s look at 3 ways to style a convertible maxi skirt.


3 Ways To Style A Convertible Maxi Skirt

We all have those certain pieces in our closet that we just love.  You know the one.  The season’s piece that you find yourself reaching for over and over.  Maybe it’s the color palette that brightens your mood.  Maybe it’s the silhouette that makes you feel confident for an important day ahead.  Or maybe it’s just ~EASY~ to pull out of the closet and style, in a new and different way than the day before.

This convertible maxi skirt fits the bill.  Bright and happy colors, check.  Sweet feminine detailing, check.  Flattering silhouette for any body type, check.  Countless ways to wear it, check. We certainly had some fun with this….  Keep reading to see 3 ways to style this convertible maxi skirt…. But honestly, it’s just the start of the options!

Convertible Maxi Skirt



How To Style A Convertible Maxi Skirt For A Busy Day

Have a busy day of camp drop offs, errands, and maybe if you are lucky, a quick coffee with a friend?  Pair this skirt with a slim fit tank and functional accessories.  Guys, it takes five extra minutes to put an outfit like this on rather than staying in your workout clothes.  If you don’t have time to shower, put your hair in a messy bun and rock it anyway!

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Tank Top {Extended & Plus Sizes}Convertible Maxi SkirtSunglassesGold Hoop EarringsCanvas Tote Bag | Strappy Slide Sandal



How To Style A Maxi Dress For A Girls’ Night Out

Summer nights are perfect for some sweet soul sister time with your besties.  We know as well as anyone that summer can fly by with the busyness of travel, playing taxi to the kiddos, and juggling it all with work.  But, it is so important to schedule time to refill your bucket and spend some quality time with your friends.  And sometimes, that means needing to run out the door with only a minutes to get dressed after serving dinner, bathing the littles, and driving a carpool.  Enter the maxi dress.  SO easy to throw on, quickly accessorize, and head out the door.  How fun is it that this maxi skirt can also be worn as a dress?  We love how the sash from the wrap on the skirt becomes a pretty strap for the dress!

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Woven Clutch | Convertible Maxi SkirtGold Hoops | BanglesNude Block Heel Sandal



How To Style A Convertible Maxi Skirt For A Pool Party

If you are anything like us, summer is FULL of get togethers around a pool.  And that can sometimes feel quite tricky when it comes to….  Figuring out what to wear.  This convertible maxi skirt is perfect to wear over your swimsuit.  Accessorize with your favorite sunglasses, a dressy pair of flip flops, and some waterproof bangles, and you are ready for a dinner party around the pool!

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Bandeau Swimsuit {Extended & Long Torso Sizes}Convertible Maxi Skirt | SunglassesWaterproof BanglesRaffia Tote Bag | Dressy Flip Flops

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