Casual Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks

Casual Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks Colorblock Cashmere Cardigan & Jeans Outfit

Winter capsule wardrobe styled looks are here gang!  Last week, we shared our Winter Capsule Wardrobe.…  And since then we’ve had some fun creating looks with each of the center pieces of the capsule.  That is what we are sharing with you today!  This is just the beginning of the combinations you can do with this fabulous capsule.  There are so many countless ways to combine these pieces!



Casual Winter Capsule Wardrobe Style Looks

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks Suede Moto Jacket Outfit



The Moto Jacket

In our Fall Capsule, we showed a faux suede moto jacket, which you can absolutely still wear through the Winter.  More ideal, however, would be a real suede jacket for this time of year – it’s warmer, and we love the idea of adding that beautiful suede texture for the colder winter months.




The Moto Jacket – Look 1 | The Moto Jacket – Look 2


The Moto Jacket – Look 3 | The Moto Jacket – Look 4


Faux Leather Bomber Jacket Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks



The Faux Leather Jacket

This faux leather bomber with a removable hood was in our Fall capsule….  Several on our team own it and absolutely adore it!  Whether it be faux or real, a black leather jacket is just another timeless piece for your Fall and Winter wardrobes that adds just a little bit of edge.  




The Faux Leather Jacket – Look 1 | The Faux Leather Jacket – Look 2


The Faux Leather Jacket – Look 3 | The Faux Leather Jacket – Look 4


Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks Plaid Wool Blend Shacket Outfit



The Shirt Jacket

Shirt jackets are everywhere this Winter again.  The shirt jacket we showed in the Fall Capsule is sold out now, so we chose another one for you guys.  A shirt jacket is such a versatile piece for Winter….  Cozy, warm, and chic – the perfect casual look for a cold Winter day for sure.  Styling tip: treat your shirt jacket more like a layering piece by wearing it open like a jacket rather than buttoned up like a button-up shirt.


The Shirt Jacket – Look 1 | The Shirt Jacket – Look 2


The Shirt Jacket – Look 3 | The Shirt Jacket – Look 4


Women's Winter Capsule Wardrobe Check Wool Blazer Looks How to Wear


The Wool Blazer

When we saw this blazer, we immediately fell in love with it!  Every Winter closet should have a good wool blazer in it, and this one is SO beautiful (not to mention a great price!).  This particular style of blazer is of course perfect for a business casual look, but also for casual lunch dates, daytime volunteer meetings, and even date night!



The Wool Blazer – Look 1 | The Wool Blazer – Look 2


The Wool Blazer – Look 3 | The Wool Blazer – Look 4


Snakeskin Print Shirred Sleeve Turtleneck Top Winter Capsule Wardrobe



The Printed Turtleneck

A turtleneck is a quintessential piece for the Winter closet – not only is it warm and cozy, but it’s also a great layering piece for the season….  Consider doing one in a pattern.  This not only adds some interest to your Winter closet, but also lends itself nicely to being worn alone, thus creating more versatility in your wardrobe.  




The Printed Turtleneck – Look 1 | The Printed Turtleneck – Look 2


The Printed Turtleneck – Look 3 | The Printed Turtleneck – Look 4


Women's Winter Capsule Collection Oversized Neutral Cardigan Look



The Neutral Cardigan

This cardigan!  There are not enough things to say about it!  This is a timeless, go-to cardigan, perfect for chilly Winter days.  We love the long line and exaggerated collar on this piece for something a little different.  




The Neutral Cardigan – Look 1 | The Neutral Cardigan – Look 2


The Neutral Cardigan – Look 3 | The Neutral Cardigan – Look 4


Women's Winter Capsule Wardrobe Knit Chunky Turtleneck Sweater Outfit



The Turtleneck Sweater

A cozy turtleneck sweater is a must have for the colder months.  This particular one from H&M is a go-to for us.  It comes in a handful of colors, and the price point is awesome!  We encourage you to think outside of the box on your basic chunky sweaters – for example, we love the idea of this sweater layered over a slip dress and paired with a fun pair of sneakers.




The Turtleneck Sweater – Look 1 | The Turtleneck Sweater – Look 2


The Turtleneck Sweater – Look 3 | The Turtleneck Sweater – Look 4


Dark Olive Leopard Printed Sweater Winter Capsule Collection Sweater



The Printed Sweater

Just as important as neutral, solid colored sweaters is a printed sweater or two for your Winter wardrobe.  And you guys know that we love a good animal print….  This sweater is just perfection – the colors, the fit, the animal print….  There are so many  fun things you can do with it!


The Printed Sweater – Look 1 | The Printed Sweater – Look 2


The Printed Sweater – Look 3 | The Printed Sweater – Look 4


Colorblock Cashmere Cardigan Outfit Women's Winter Capsule Wardrobe



The Colorblock Cardigan

This cashmere colorblock cardigan is an investment piece – and an investment worth making for sure!  Wear it buttoned up, or layer it over a cami, t-shirt, or button-up shirt!





The Colorblock Cardigan – Look 1 | The Colorblock Cardigan – Look 2


The Colorblock Cardigan – Look 3 | The Colorblock Cardigan – Look 4


Chocolate Brown Mock-Neck Sweater Dress How to Wear a Sweater Dress


The Sweater Dress

We love a good sweater dress for Winter – it’s the perfect piece for staying warm and cozy, but looking put together!  There are SO many good ones to choose from this year.  Our advice: if you find one you like, snag it….  They are very popular this year! 




The Sweater Dress – Look 1 | The Sweater Dress – Look 2


The Sweater Dress – Look 3 | The Sweater Dress – Look 4


Black Asymmetric Midi Slipdress How to Wear a Slip Dress in Winter



The Slip Dress

You have now seen countless looks with the slip dress in this capsule!  A slip dress is obviously a great piece for dressing up for girls night out or date night – but it is also so fun worn casually with a sweater layered over it, or with a button-up shirt tied at the waist!  When purchasing a slip dress, make sure the hemline hits at mid-shin so that there is plenty of leg showing between the bottom of the dress and your shoes.  Here are a couple more ways to wear this fun piece! 



The Slip Dress – Look 1 | The Slip Dress – Look 2


The Slip Dress – Look 3 | The Slip Dress – Look 4


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