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Clearly Handbags Clear Handbag

In our weekly edition of ‘Stylist Pick of the Week,’ our Murfreesboro stylist Jenny Grubb is sharing with us this evening the importance of having a clear handbag for the fall season.Clearly Handbags The Ginger Clear Handbag

Clear Handbag | Clear Handbag Strap

I don’t know about y’all, but we are on countdown in our house for football season. It truly is our favorite time of year! My favorite go-to clear stadium bag is this Clearly Handbag. There are so many styles to chose from and the straps make the bag! There are only two things that can go wrong when heading to your football stadium for a game….your team losing, which you have no control of right?  The other thing that can start your football game off on the wrong foot…having to throw away your favorite bag because you didn’t come with a clear one! And “clearly”  this one is super stylish so make sure and be prepared this fall and get your stylish clear bag for the win!


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