February Favorites From Our Nashville Personal Stylists

Leather Blazer And Jeans And Sneakers how to style a blazer with jeans and sneakers how to wear your blazer with sneakers how to wear your blazer with jeans

It’s sort of hard to believe (we say this every.single.month), but it is indeed that time….  Time to check out the February favorites from our Nashville personal stylists!  And although these are our FEBRUARY favorites, it turns out you guys really gravitated towards the pieces that can be carried into spring!


February Favorites From Our Nashville Personal Stylists

You LOVED the set from our Winter Capsule Wardrobe! Generally speaking, we love matching sets.  And this is an especially versatile set.  Not only is it comfortable and so soft, but it can also be worn in countless ways, from casual to dressy.  Here, Dana is showing it with a fun pair of sneakers.  You can also wear heels and fun jewelry to dress it up for a night out…  Or certainly heels and a blazer for the office would be fabulous.  Not to mention all of the looks that can be created by separating the pieces out!  A fun printed blouse with the set pants and mules….  The set top with jeans and boots…  Pants with a tank, jean jacket, and flats would certainly be cute…  The set top with cutoff shorts and sneakers, also SO good…  In fact, the list goes on!  Check the link for color options!

Cotton Blend Matching Set


The leather blazer from our Winter Capsule Wardrobe was also a winner!  This blazer is of course an investment piece, seeing as it’s real leather.  But it’s also a classic piece that can be enjoyed for years, making it worth every penny!  Wear this fun piece casually with jeans and sneakers…  You can of course elevate it a bit with a bodysuit, some fun pants, and heel of some sort…  Or even wear it to the office with a blouse, slacks, and pumps – a particularly fun take on a work look!

Leather Blazer


A Few More Favorites To Share

We showed these kick out crop straight leg jeans by Madewell recently in a blog post sharing some fun weekend looks.  Madewell is actually one of our most favorite retailers of jeans.  Why you might ask?  Because their jeans are not only super high quality, but very affordable. Not only that, but they constantly release new styles for ALL body types.  This jean is an update to one of our favorite cuts, the Cali Demi Boot Cut…  It’s got a small kick out at the ankle, emulating a bootcut style without being a full bootcut hemline.  Another bonus is that these jeans also come in plus, petite, AND tall!

February Favorites From Our Nashville Personal Stylists Kick Out Crop Straight Leg Jeans Nashville stylists share favorite affordable denim for spring personal stylists share their favorite denim for spring season how to wear kick out crop jeans

 Kick Out Crop Straight Leg Jeans {Petite, Plus, & Tall Sizing}


We put these beautiful leather ballet flats in black in our Winter Workwear Capsule, and you guys loved them straightaway!  The silhouette on this shoe is really pretty, and they are actually only $70 even though they are genuine leather!  They also come in a handful of other colors, such as ivory, rosy pink, tan, and mint green (the color of the season!)

Leather Ballet Flats


One More Favorite To Discuss

Lastly…  We showed this silky bodysuit in black in our Winter Capsule.  Even though it was SO popular with you guys…  We hesitated to show it here, because some of the colors are coming in and out of stock since it’s so popular.  But there are a couple of colors that are really well stocked that would be great for spring…  Not to mention, sporadic sizing on the other, so we decided to go ahead and show it today.

Silky Contour Long Sleeve Bodysuit


As we were working on this for you guys, we noticed that Express released a very similar silky contour bodysuit that is short sleeve for spring!  Obviously, LOVE!

Silky Contour Short Sleeve Bodysuit




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