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Men’s Beach Vacation Capsule Styled Looks

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Last week, we released our Men’s Beach Vacation Capsule Collection.  Since then, we have spent some time putting together some fun styled looks for you guys using the pieces from that collection.  It goes to show – you really don’t need to pack a ton of stuff to have a lot of different outfits to wear….  IF you are intentional about what goes in that suitcase!  Let’s take a look at some of our Men’s Beach Vacation Capsule Collection styled looks!


Men’s Beach Vacation Capsule Styled Looks

Let’s dive right in and see some styled looks with the various pieces of the Beach Capsule.  There are countless ways to wear these pieces together.  Something to take note of…  Changing the shorts and the shoes on any given shirt can change the entire vibe of your look.  Each of the shirts in our capsule can be worn several different ways, from pairing it with a swim suit to a pair of dressier shorts, and those in between looks as well! We will be sharing the full collection of looks over the next couple of weeks on Like To Know It.



Men's Beach Vacation Capsule Styled Looks performance tee what to wear on the beach guys' beach style inspiration

The Performance Tee

This Vuori is one of our favorite athletic shirts.  There are countless ways to utilize it…  Wear it for a bike ride with the family, out on the beach, for a casual lunch on the water, and to simply chill on the porch with a beer! Pairing this very casual tee shirt with some performance chinos, a nice woven belt, and leather flip flops creates the perfect casual beach vibe too!



Performance Tee Look 1 | Performance Tee Look 2




The V-Neck Tee

A v-neck tee is a “must pack” for a trip because it can be worn very casually with a swimsuit or athletic shorts…. And, you can dress it up a bit more by pairing it with a pair of nice shorts.  We particularly love this grey v-neck paired with the striped seersucker shorts in our capsule, but it also works with the performance chinos as well!



V-Neck Tee Look 1 | V-Neck Tee Look 2



More Styled Looks From The Capsule Collection


The Golf Shirt

For many of you guys, a beach vacation includes at least one round of golf.  But, your golf shirt can also be utilized for drinks and dinner out as well!  We like the idea of adding some pattern into your beach wardrobe via a nice golf shirt.




Golf Shirt Look 1 | Golf Shirt Look 2




The Button-Up Shirt

A gauze short-sleeve button-up shirt just gives off the perfect classic beach vibe.  Not only is it universally good looking, AND cool and comfortable in the heat, it is also SO versatile.  Wear it with your bathing suit to the beach, with chino shorts, or our personal favorite, with those striped seersucker shorts!



Button-Up Shirt Look 1 | Button-Up Shirt Look 2




The Printed Button-Up Shirt

Add pattern into your rotation with a plaid button-up shirt in a cool summer fabric.  Wear it casually with flip flops or white sneakers, or elevate it with nice slip on shoes.  Speaking of white sneakers…  Guys, this is a huge trend for you right now.  And we are loving that because they create a crisp, clean dressy casual vibefor summer.  The pair we included in this capsule is a client favorite!




Printed Button-Up Shirt Look 1 | Printed Button-Up Shirt Look 2








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