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Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks

Men's Winter Capsule Collection hoodie hoodie outfits how to style a hoodie hoodie outfit inspiration for guys hoodie and bomber jacket outfit hoodie and jeans outfit for guys

Recently, we shared our first ever Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe.  And since then, we have been working behind the scenes to create some looks for you guys with the capstone pieces of this capsule.  We are excited to share those looks with you today!  We hope you enjoy perusing these looks and that they provide you with some inspiration for your winter wardrobe….  So now, let’s take a look at our Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe styled looks!


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks

Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks how to wear a sport coat sport coat look


Sport Coat

Of course, a sport coat can be worn with dress slacks, but don’t forget that you can also wear it with dark jeans or corduroys.  Layer your dress shirt, crewneck sweater, or even a black long sleeve t-shirt under it.  In fact, this particular sport coat has a really nice slim fit and as a result lends itself nicely to dress pants and dark jeans!  The purples throughout will also be great as move into spring here in a month or two!



Sport Coat – Look 1 | Sport Coat – Look 2


Men's winter capsule wardrobe styled looks How to wear a bomber jacket men's bomber jacket look inspiration men's bomber jacket outfits



Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket is so sharp and can be worn countless ways.  And, this jacket is versatile as it relates to the changing weather patterns here in the Southeast during the winter months.  Not only is it a great piece to have for some of the milder winter days we can have here in the Southeast, but it is also perfect for transitioning into spring.



Bomber Jacket – Look 1 | Bomber Jacket – Look 2


Bomber Jacket – Look 3 | Bomber Jacket – Look 4


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks vest look for guys vest outfit for guys



Puffer Vest

Every winter wardrobe needs a vest…  Because it is the perfect layering piece for the swinging temperatures we tend to get here in the Southeast in the Winter.  We love this one because it is reversible (it is black nylon on the other side) and can thus be worn countless ways!




Puffer Vest – Look 1 | Puffer Vest – Look 2


Puffer Vest – Look 3 | Puffer Vest – Look 4


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks crewneck sweater outfit how to wear a crewneck sweater crewneck sweater looks for guys


Crewneck Sweater

A classic crewneck sweater is a winter wardrobe must.  Wear it with a long sleeve t-shirt or button-up under it, and throw a vest or jacket over it on chillier days.




Crewneck Sweater – Look 1 | Crewneck Sweater – Look 2


Crewneck Sweater – Look 3 | Crewneck Sweater – Look 4


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks pullover looks pullover outfit ideas



This quarter zip pullover sweater in beige lightens up the color palette of the capsule!  And because of that, this is another piece that would be fabulous for transitioning into spring.






Pullover – Look 1 | Pullover – Look 2


Pullover – Look 3 | Pullover – Look 4


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks shawl collar sweater outfits how to wear a shawl collar sweater shawl collar sweater styled

Shawl Collar Sweater

We love the idea of a shawl collar sweater to add some additional interest to your winter sweater collection.  Not only does it add interest, but it also is extremely versatile….  Because it can be styled casually or more dressy, you will find yourself reaching for this one very often!




Shawl Collar Sweater – Look 1 | Shawl Collar Sweater – Look 2


Shawl Collar Sweater – Look 3 | Shawl Collar Sweater – Look 4


Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks how to style a hoodie hoodie looks for guys hoodie outfits for guys



The texture of this hoodie is spot on and has an elevated feel to it…  Which makes it extremely versatile for casual to dressy casual looks.




Hoodie – Look 1 | Hoodie – Look 2


Hoodie – Look 3 | Hoodie – Look 4

Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks plaid button-down shirt looks button-down shirt outfits button-up shirt looks


Plaid Shirt

Every male closet needs at least one dressy casual button-up shirt in a pattern!  This plaid color palette works great for the winter months and will transition to the spring just as easily.  So, this particular piece would be a perfect piece for your capsule.



Plaid Shirt – Look 1 | Plaid Shirt – Look 2


Plaid Shirt – Look 3 | Plaid Shirt – Look 4

Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks flannel shirt looks flannel shirt outfits for guys how to wear a flannel shirt guys



Flannel Shirt

We love the modern, tailored look of this flannel shirt.  Not only do we love the silhouette of this shirt, but we also think the colors are outstanding.



Flannel Shirt – Look 1 | Flannel Shirt – Look 2


Flannel Shirt – Look 3 | Flannel Shirt – Look 4

Men’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks how to style joggers guys joggers looks jogger outfits



Joggers hit the scene during Covid in a very big way….  And they are here to stay, so embrace it!




Joggers – Look 1 | Joggers – Look 2

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