Personal Shopping with Effortless Style

After a year of reaching for those leggings and sweatshirts over and over and over again, are you all of a sudden looking around your closet and simply put, just wanting some new, fresh, fun things?! So many of our clients all of sudden have a few places to go now. Date nights, gathering with friends that they haven’t seen in ages, and even some fabulous trips. And they just want an infusion of fun and happy into their closet. Enter our Personal Shopping services!



Personal Shopping with Effortless Style

Effortless Style’s Personal Shopping services offer a way to build your wardrobe while letting you decide how much work and investment you want to put in, or even to just shop for a special event or trip! We pride ourselves on maximizing our clients’ budgets while striving for an intentional, cohesive set of looks. There are several different ways to utilize our shopping services! 

We can shop with you in person. We will share tips and tricks on how to navigate the large department stores or chic boutiques. This time also allows us to chat about the kinds of pieces that fit your style and flatter your body. If you would rather be doing anything other than shopping, let us shop for you! We can bring your items back to the comfort of your home. And we even return and exchange the pieces you don’t choose. Or you can do a hybrid of the two! We are happy to shop for you and meet you at the store with a dressing room full of fabulousness!



Online Personal Shopping Options

We also offer several different online options for shopping. For those that aren’t ready to commit to the investment of full on shopping, we offer virtual 30 minute consults to discuss your style. We will make some recommendations based on your needs, and then load into a custom online style guide. Many clients also love the Virtual Online Subscription! Through our online styling system, we customize a series of looks for you using items currently available at our favorite retailers. You can then interface with your stylist and purchase the items through the system! And lastly, we introduced our Survival Style Kit last spring, which is the perfect way to dip your toe into the shopping services water, so to speak!

Online Personal Shopping with Effortless Style via our Style Survival Kit


Survival Style Kit

For the Survival Style Kit, you will start with an introductory video consult with the stylist of your choosing (or we can recommend one that will be a great fit for you). After the consult, your stylist will source at least ten personalized pieces online. She will load them into your online styling system, and include notes on why she chose the piece and some ideas on how to style it. You can then use the system to ask questions and purchase the pieces online and have them shipped to your doorstep!

Effortless Style Personalized Online Shopping Picks just for you



The Survival Style Kit would be a great way to freshen up your Spring closet! Add some new pieces that reflect the current trends.  During your video consult, you can chat with your stylist about specific areas of your wardrobe that might need help. She can cater the pieces selected to that!  

Effortless Style Personalized Online Shopping Picks just for you

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