Splurgeworthy Pieces For Fall At Banana Republic

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We are often asked by clients – when do I splurge and when do I save?  And though the answer really does depend on the client, and their particular closet, budget, and daily needs…  There are certain instances where one can justify a splurge, no matter the circumstances!  Today, we are going to chat with you guys about some of those types of pieces.   And along the way, we will share some examples of them from one of our favorite stores, Banana Republic.  Let’s look at some splurgeworthy pieces for fall at Banana Republic!


When Does It Make Sense To Splurge?

We hope you guys can tell by our blog posts and social media content that we do not take splurging lightly.  As stylists, we pride ourselves on being cognizant and respectful of our clients’ budgets.  Not only that…  We get it, because we pay close attention to budget as it relates to our own closets as well!  In fact, even if you have a large budget for your wardrobe, it doesn’t mean you should always buy expensive things!

Also keep in mind that one person will define the word “splurge” differently than another.  So much of this conversation is very specific and personal to each individual shopper.  Because of that, we always make sure to offer the best priced option within the parameters of what a specific client needs and desires.  So naturally, a real suede jacket will be more costly than a faux suede jacket.  But when we choose that real suede jacket, we make sure it fits the bill and is worth the investment.

Here are some really good points to think about when considering a splurge purchase:

  1. Is this a piece you will wear countless times in a season?
  2. Is this a versatile piece that can be used in different ways for different occasions?
  3. Does the article of clothing exhibit high quality characteristics, such as good lines, nice fabric (think wool, suede, leather, cashmere), and attention to details (such as metal zippers, pockets, and buttons)
  4. Is this a classic piece that you will be able to retain in your closet for years to come?
  5. OR, quite simply, is this a piece you just absolutely love?

Let’s chat about some splurgeworthy pieces for fall at Banana Republic to talk about some of these parameters!


Splurgeworthy Jackets At Banana Republic

Jackets for us are absolutely a splurgeworthy category – but that said, let’s talk about the parameters we tend to use when deciding on an investment jacket.  First, you want the jacket to be a piece you reach for time and time again throughout the fall and winter season.  So that means classic, rather than trendy.  Secondly, a well made jacket with beautiful lines can be a showstopper.  So make sure the piece you are purchasing is well made, has a pretty silhouette, and incorporates details that are quality, paying attention to the buttons, zippers, stitching, and pockets.  Last, we always recommend that you pay attention to the fabric if you are spending a lot on a jacket.  Wool, suede, and leather are absolutely splurgeworthy fabrics to consider guilt free!

Wool Herringbone Blazer {Tall Sizing} | Suede Trucker Jacket {Extended Sizing} | Lambskin Tailored Moto Jacket {Extended Sizing}


Cashmere – A Splurge Worth Making

Cashmere is one of those fine fabrics that makes an investment worthwhile.  It is soft, warm, and holds up well over time (i.e. doesn’t pill).  As you may have noticed, there are different grades of cashmere, which is why there are some cashmere sweaters that are under $100, and others that are over $300.  But again, keep in mind that just because a cashmere sweater costs $300 doesn’t mean that it’s the finest fabric (this is where the designer name can sometimes come into play).  Here are a few things to think about when choosing a cashmere sweater…

The length and fineness of the fibers determine how strong the fabric is.  This affects durability and likeliness of pilling.  Basically, longer fibers means stronger, more durable, and less pilling.  And not to mention, longer fibers tend to create a softer yarn, which also indicates a higher quality.  Also pay attention to the density of the weave… The denser the weave, the better.  A tip for checking the density: hold the piece up to a light.  There should no transparency.  You can also see how tightly woven it is by slightly tugging on it.

Here are two cashmere sweaters we are loving at Banana Republic.  Notice that both of these sweaters are very classic silhouettes that won’t go out of style anytime soon.  We also chose to show these sweaters in olive green and black.  Choosing a cashmere sweater in a neutral and versatile colorway enables you to wear your fine sweater with more things in your closet, which means you will reach for it more often!

Cashmere Polo Sweater {Also Ivory, Beige, Cinnamon, & Dark Taupe; Extended Sizing}Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater {Also Ivory, Rust, Wisteria & Charcoal Grey; Extended Sizing} |


Two Splurgeworthy Silk Pieces At Banana Republic

A camisole is a classic piece that we pull on a lot for layering under jackets and sweaters.  And there is just nothing like a beautiful silk fabric against the skin.  The bliss silk camisole at Banana Republic is one we pull over and over for clients who wear camisoles a lot.  It is a classically cut camisole that is not only perfect for layering, but is also fantastic worn alone for a night with the girls or date night.

silk camisole high quality camisole versatile camisole

Silk Camisole {Also Ivory, Gold/Mustard, Zebra, & Snakeskin; Extended, Petite, & Tall Sizing}


You guys know we absolutely love a good midi skirt.  Midi skirts can styled year round in so many different ways.  And for so many different reasons…  You can wear a midi skirt casually with sneakers running errands.  Or with a blazer and pumps for work.  And don’t forget date night – it’s perfect with a pretty form fitting top and some sexy heels.  If you are a midi skirt lover, this silk one at Banana is worth spending the money for.  We love the details and lines on this piece.  See the side slits?  And how the seams sit on each side of the skirt, leaving the front and back smooth and flattering?  Just beautiful!

Splurgeworthy Pieces For Fall At Banana Republic silk slip midi skirt high quality midi skirt when tips on when to spend more money on clothes versatile midi skirt

Silk Midi Slip Skirt {Also Rust, Rose Gold, & Snakeskin; Extended & Petite Sizing} 


Splurgeworthy Accessories At Banana Republic

To finish off this post on splurgeworthy pieces for fall at Banana Republic…  We are sharing two accessories with you that are worth splurging on.  A note on shoes in general…  In some cases, expensive shoes can fit better and thus be more comfortable.  And this is absolutely an investment worth making!  When considering splurging on a pair of shoes, there are two ways to think about.  The first would be to choose a pair that you wear all the time, such as a good pump.  Or, you can choose a showstopper shoe that you plan your outfit around and just feel fabulous in.

Enter animal print!  Animal print is a fabulous way to add color, texture, and pattern all at once to your look.  But, it is also extremely versatile.  In fact, it’s one of our favorite neutrals!  You can of course find very reasonably priced animal print shoes, and they are great, don’t get us wrong…  But, there is just something about a pair of animal print loafers made of real calfhair.  When choosing an animal print shoe, choose a piece that is timeless, such as a good pair of pumps or loafers.  Trust us, you will find yourself reaching for them over and over and over!

And of course, everyone needs a good black bag that go from day to night.  This black leather bag from Banana is gorgeous.  You can carry it as a clutch for date night, or as a crossbody when traveling.  It will hold up well over the years too because it is made of high quality leather.

Animal Print Calfhair LoaferBlack Leather Clutch / Crossbody



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