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Style Picks | Katie Rushton’s Current Favorite Things

Style Picks | Katie Rushton's Current Favorite Things for Fall Season

Halloween weekend is behind us, and fall weather has officially arrived in Nashville, which means we get to pull out all of our favorite things for the season to enjoy.  But, it also means we get to perhaps sprinkle in a few new things that reflect the season’s current trends!  Which brings us to today’s style picks.  Katie Rushton is sharing some of her current seasonal trend favorites – let’s see what she rounded up for us!


Style Picks | Katie Rushton’s Current Favorite Things

Style Picks | Katie Rushton's Current Favorite Things Hooded Blazer

Hooded Blazer

I know that we have shared a few of these lately, but you also know that I just LOVE a good blazer….  In fact, a client who loves blazers – and jackets in general – was waffling on a blazer on Friday.  She loved it, but said, “I already have so many great jackets; maybe enough is enough.”  My response: “Is there any such thing?!?”  We both had a good laugh over that, and she of course purchased the blazer hah!  Anyway, I am loving the newest super fun variation we are seeing in blazers….  The hooded blazer.  And….I love the rich color on this one in particular!



Classic Black Bodysuit Women's Bodysuit How to Wear a Bodysuit Outfit

Black Bodysuit

You guys all know by now that I have been swearing by bodysuits this year.  I have a few tank bodysuits that I absolutely wore out this summer, and I’ve been on the lookout for a few good ones for both wearing alone and layered under jackets.  I love this one for both! 



Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater How to Wear Boyfriend Cardigan Outfit

Boyfriend Cardigan

Cardigan sweaters are HUGE this season, and I am loving all of the new styles of them I am seeing.  This one is so beautiful for Fall.  It’s colors are rich and deep, and the ombre is on point!


Style Picks | Katie Rushton's Favorite Things Veja White Sneaker

White Sneaker


You guys know I love my {many pairs of} sneakers, and that I think everyone should have a pair of white go-to sneakers.  This brand is my newest sneaker obsession, and these in particular are fabulous!


Snapshot Leather Crossbody Bag Fall Camera Bag Marc Jacobs Crossbody

Leather Crossbody Bag

Camera bags are everywhere this fall.  Combine this new-ish trend and one of my long time favorite designers, and you have a match made in heaven.  This crossbody bag will be on my Christmas list this year – there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from, but I am partial to the black!

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