Unique Leather Bag

Good news!!! For this weeks edition of ‘Stylist Pick of the Week,’ our Nashville stylist Katey Preston is sharing this fabulous unique leather bag from one of our favorite local places to shop in Nashville…ABLE! ABLE happens to also have an amazing website, so you can shop there, even if you aren’t local to Nashville. If you want to hear more about ABLE’s incredible story and resulting mission, click on the link above.


Unique Leather Bag

I’m not the kind of girl who switches out her handbag everyday……..even every week. If I switch it out every season I’m lucky. But, I LOVE a good handbag. And boy does this one have me ready to get in my car and drive to the ABLE store so I can bring it home today! For those of you who don’t live in Nashville, and for those of you who do and want to shop from home, check out their website (www.livefashionable.com) – you can thank me later. But please don’t send me your credit card bill. 🙂


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