Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Liza Hippler of Liza Hippler Creative

Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Liza Hippler of Liza Hippler Creative

For our second installment in our Women Entrepreneurs We Love series, we are so excited to introduce you guys to Liza Hippler of Liza Hippler Creative.  I (Katie R.) have known Liza for quite a few years now.  We met in the early days of my business through a women’s group.  I have enjoyed following her entrepreneurship journey over the years.  And our team loved teaming up with Liza a few years ago on a fun photography project.  We also worked with Liza recently for a branding shoot of our own.  Can’t wait to show you guys those new images soon!  For now, let’s dive right in and have a chat with Liza!


Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Liza Hippler, Liza Hippler Creative


Tell us about Liza Hippler Creative

I work with women who are ready to show up for their big dreams!  Locally, I offer badass brand photography to truly help women tell their story.  Both brand and personal (because it’s usually the personal stuff that got us into business in the first place).  I’ve been “doing photography” for over 25 years, but I didn’t make it a “for real” business until 2016.  For so long, I didn’t realize that the calling toward it and the fun I had with it was actually because it was MEANT for me. 

Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Liza Hippler of Liza Hippler Creative


What inspired you to take this path, and what is your favorite part of doing what you do?

Aside from picking up my first “fancy” camera when I was 13, I also started a path of self-discovery and a kind of “spirituality lite” interest.  I have three BIG passions:

  1. The discovery of how we move into the highest versions of ourselves, and how our gifts and callings actually facilitate that process.
  2. Making, collecting, and appreciating beautiful things (photography, brands, and desiring to live in an environment that inspires me).
  3. All things creative, innovative, startup-y, new businesses, technology, and ideas.

Those passions combine in my business to truly support women in showing up for what’s on their heart and what they feel they’re being called to do….  And helping them find and connect to their Inner Compass in order to shed the need for approval so they can shine so freakin’ bright.  I’m in the early stages of bringing my own creative passion project to life and, while I do so, I’ll be serving women entrepreneurs with brand photography and inspiring insight.


How do you balance work and personal life as a business owner?

Balancing work and personal life…  That’s not a real thing, right?  Can we all agree that there is no true balance?  It’s not like, “Ok, work gets 33.3% of today, and self care gets 33.3%, and my family gets 33.3%!”  The best way I know to balance is to check in with myself at least once a day and ask myself what I need today.  Look for where your heart and your body are asking for something, and honor that as best you can, as soon as you can.  Rinse and repeat AM and PM.


What is your favorite place to do photo shoots?

My favorite place to shoot is anywhere moody.  Seriously, I love a dimly lit room and just the light from a window on a dreary day.  I also love to shoot on rainy days, because I love the depth of emotion that it allows the viewer to feel. 


What’s one piece of advice for someone getting their headshots done? 

My best piece of advice: you are not the only one who doesn’t like photos of yourself!  In fact, I’ve met very few people who do.  Know your favorite angles and find a photographer who you can laugh your ass off with.  But also – love yourself, give yourself compassion, have FUN, and be joyful.  

Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Liza Hippler of Liza Hippler Photography

Because most of our readers who follow us are interested in fashion, what’s one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?  Where is your favorite place to shop? 

As for fashion (I should probably put that in quotes considering that there’s not much fashionable about my can’t-live-without piece of fashion) – I love comfy pants and fuzzy socks.  And earrings.  I LOVE earrings.  I love to shop at Anthropologie (unique, I know).  It’s hard for me to get out of there without wincing at my total.


What is one thing your followers might not know about you? 

One of my favorite facts about myself is that I met my husband when we were both doing improv comedy at The Second City in Los Angeles!  Isn’t that fun?  It’s so fun.



Be sure to check out Liza’s website, as well as her social media handles.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lizahippler | Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/lizahippler

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