3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season

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We have been seeing a really big shift in jean styles over the past couple of years.  Those of us that got used to and loved the skinny jean concept might be a bit slow on the uptake.  Plus, there are many variations of styles out there right now, so it can be tricky to even begin to figure out what to add to your closet to keep up with the trends of the day!  Therefore, we are going to try to make it a little easier for you guys today…  So by all means, keep reading to hear about 3 pairs of jeans you need this season!


3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season

Admittedly, there are countless new style variations of jeans to be purchased right now.  And that can make it really hard to figure out what to purchase to update your jeans….  While still remaining conscious and respectful of your clothing budget.  That is why we decided to share what we believe to be the 3 pairs of jeans you need this season with you guys today.  And they are…  Straight leg, flare, and coated!  So now let’s get started and take a closer look at each of these styles of jeans.


1 | Straight Leg Jeans

It is no surprise to you guys that straight leg jeans are on our must have jeans list for this season.  As you know, we have been talking about them for quite a while now and have really come to love this style of jean.  And the style options are endless…  I.e. they come in different colorways and washes, medium and high rise, distressed and not…  And so, here are several of our tried and true favorite styles of straight leg jeans for you to check out!

3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season straight leg jeans nashville stylists share favorite straight leg jeans personal stylists share best straight leg jeans

Canvas High Rise {Petite, Extended, Plus, & Tall Sizes} | Distressed High Rise | Medium Wash High Rise {Various Length Options} | Dark Wash High Rise {Extended Sizes}


Next, let’s look at a bunch of looks we have put together recently with our straight leg jeans.  We hope you not only enjoy seeing the looks we are sharing here, but that you also get some good style inspiration on how to wear yours!

3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season long cardigan and straight leg jeans how to wear a long cardigan with a button down shirt how to wear sneakers with a cardigan how to wear sneakers with a button up shirtLong Cardigan & White Sneakers


Sweater Tank & Dressy Sandals | Plaid Blazer & Houndstooth Mules | Turtleneck Sweater & Animal Print Mules


Shirt Jacket & Houndstooth Mules | Floral Blouse & Dressy Sandals | Plaid Blazer & Camel Mules


2 | Flare Jeans

We saw flare jeans take a pretty big hiatus in recent years.  But if we are being honest, we are truly so glad they are back!  There are so many variations on a flare jean leg.  Thus, there really is an option for all tastes and preferences…  Bootcut, kick flare, and of course wide leg flare…  All great options to consider!  Here are a couple of our current favorites:

3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season flare jeans the best flare jeans Nashville personal stylists share favorite flare jeans

Medium Wash High Rise {Petite, Extended, Plus, & Tall Sizes} | Black Mid Rise Wide Leg {Short And Long Sizes} | Dark Wash High Rise | Black High Rise


Now that we shared some favorite flare jeans, let’s look at a handful of looks we styled for you guys using flare jeans.  Many times, our petite /shorter clients ask us, can I wear a flare?  And the answer is most certainly yes!  SEB is wearing a kick flare and a wide leg flare in the photos below.  She is about 5’4″ and carries both styles off well!  A tip: look for petite and short sizing, and then hem as necessary!  And a shoe with a heel helps too!

Short Sleeve Blouse & Dressy Sandals | Faux Leather Blazer & Cognac Booties


Floral Blouse & Dressy Sandals | Sweater & Snakeskin Booties


3 | Coated Jeans

In addition to straight leg and flare jeans, we would recommend everyone having a pair of coated jeans.  We have talked a lot about coated jeans, so we don’t need to rehash all of that here.  But suffice it to say, we love them and reach for them over and over and over again.  Here are a couple of our favorites that we haven’t yet shared with you guys!

3 Pairs Of Jeans You Need This Season coated jeans personal stylists share favorite coated jeans nashville personal stylists share favorite coated jeans

Black Straight Leg {Plus Sizes} | Cinnamon High Rise Ankle Bootcut | Pewter High Rise Straight Leg |  Dark Brown High Rise Flare


Here are a few styled looks with coated jeans for you guys.  In addition to these looks, you can also see more ideas on how to style coated jeans in Part 1 and Part 2 of our Fall Capsule styled looks blog posts.  You can also check out our Fall Capsule Collection on Like To Know It for even more ideas!

Plaid Blazer & Loafer Mules | Crewneck Sweater & Fun Sneakers | Striped Long Sleeve Tee & Loafer Mules


Indeed, it sometimes just takes a trained eye to find those couple of pairs of jeans that are perfect for someone’s specific style and body type.  For that reason, if you are looking for some help with your jean wardrobe…  We would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with you!



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