Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1

printed blouse coated jeans dressy sandals how to wear coated jeans for work how to style coated denim for a night out

Last week, we released our Fall Capsule Wardrobe…  And now it is time to share the styled looks we have created with those capsule pieces.  You guys know how this works by now…  The looks will come in a two part series, so be sure to check back next week for the rest of the looks!  AND PSA….  we will be doing 30 days of looks again with this capsule, so be sure to follow us on Instagram (@effortlesstyle) and Facebook! We are just loving this capsule, and we hope you do too….  Here it is: Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1!


Part 1 Of Styled Looks From Our Fall Capsule Wardrobe


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 sweater tank cashmere sweater tank for fall how to wear the sweater tank trend
The Sweater Tank

We always like to include some sort of camisole in a wardrobe this time of year.  They are perfect for wearing alone for a fun night out, or for layering under all of our favorite jackets of the season.  This year, we are seeing a lot of sweater tanks, so we thought it would be fun to include one in our Fall Capsule instead of a traditional camisole (but you can certainly do one of those too!).


Sweater Tank & Boyfriend Jeans | Sweater Tank & Midi Skirt

Sweater Tank & Coated Jeans | Sweater Tank & Dark Wash Jeans


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 bomber jacket lightweight jacket for fall how to wear olive green in the fall olive green as a neutral how to wear a bomber jacket

The Bomber Jacket

We love a lightweight olive green jacket for fall.  Olive green dovetails nicely with most everything in your fall closet.  We consider it the great fall neutral!  We also love a bomber jacket.  It is the perfect silhouette for a lightweight, casual jacket for busy fall days.  So naturally, an olive green bomber jacket is fall perfection.



Bomber Jacket & Short Sleeve Tee | Bomber Jacket & Sweater Tank

Bomber Jacket & Crewneck Sweater | Bomber Jacket & Long Sleeve Tee


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 printed blouse geometric blouse for fall fun printed blouse for fall and winter printed button-up blouse

The Printed Blouse

Every fall closet needs a blouse that can be worn casually, but also dressed up for work or a fun night out.  We fell in love with the vibrant colors and interesting geometric print of this blouse.  Pair it with casual jeans for a high low look, with the dark wash jeans for a business casual Friday at work, or with the coated jeans and strappy sandals for a fun night out.  And this piece also looks fabulous with the midi skirt for a little bit traditional, a little bit edgy!



Printed Blouse & Midi Skirt | Printed Blouse & Boyfriend Jeans

Printed Blouse & Dark Wash Jeans | Printed Blouse & Coated Jeans


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 shirt jacket shirt jacket for fall how to wear a shirt jacket the shirt jacket trend


The Shirt Jacket

We are glad shirt jackets are back this fall.  It’s such a great layering piece for this time of year.  Wear it unbuttoned for a casual cool vibe, and if you get hot, tie it around your waist!  We love this particular shirt jacket for its colors.  They are so soft and pleasing, with a slight nod to fall with the pop of chestnut in there.


Shirt Jacket & Boyfriend Jeans | Shirt Jacket & Dark Wash Jeans

Shirt Jacket & Sweater Dress | Shirt Jacket & Button-Up Shirt



Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 cardigan neutral cardigan for fall versatile sweater for fall


The Cardigan

We always include a neutral cardigan in our capsules.  That is because it is a classic piece you will have for years to come.  And, it is a versatile piece you can wear so many different ways throughout the season.  Wear it unbuttoned, layered over tee shirts.  Or, wear it buttoned up with your favorite bottom.


Cardigan & Boyfriend Jeans | Cardigan & Coated Jeans

Cardigan & Midi Skirt | Cardigan & Dark Wash Jeans


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 moto jacket faux leather moto jacket the perfect moto jacket for fall


The Moto Jacket

The moto jacket is timeless and edgy all at once.  We always recommend our clients have one in their fall and winter closet.  It goes with most everything, and it can create an edgy vibe as easily as a professional one, depending on how you are wearing it!  This is a piece that is worth making an investment on!


Moto Jacket & Short Sleeve Tee | Moto Jacket & Sweater Tank

Moto Jacket & Crewneck Sweater | Moto Jacket & Long Sleeve Tee


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 plaid blazer affordable plaid blazer for fall fun blazer for fall

The Plaid Blazer

Everyone needs a good blazer in their fall closet.  This one is simply gorgeous.  We LOVE the colors.  We LOVE the slightly different take on a double breasted silhouette.  And we LOVE the weight of this blazer.  Wear this piece with any of the jeans in this capsule…  With the midi skirt…  Over the sweater dress! You will reach for this piece over and over because you can create casual, dressy casual, professional, and dressy looks with it.


Plaid Blazer & Boyfriend Jeans | Plaid Blazer & Midi Skirt

Plaid Blazer & Coated Jeans | Plaid Blazer & Dark Wash Jeans


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1 striped tee high quart affordable striped long sleeve tee shirt for fall


The Striped Tee

 We have found the perfect source of quality tee shirts – Everlane.  They nail it every time.  The material is thick and soft, the colors are vibrant, the fit is great, and the price is reasonable.  We love the colors in this chestnut and black striped  long sleeve tee shirt…  Even in a casual look, it makes a statement in and of itself.


Striped Tee & Quilted Jacket | Striped Tee & Dark Wash Jeans

Striped Tee & Coated Jeans | Striped Tee & Moto Jacket




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