Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

fall fashion photo shoot long dress and hat look

Our Nashville Stylist, Emily Goodin is our go-to around here for fashion photo shoots. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve definitely seen her work on our socials. She styles shoots for local publications, and she also does quite a bit of branding and marketing shoots for small business and entrepreneurs. This month Emily styled a fall fashion photo shoot with local publication, Brentwood Lifestyles Magazine. Below are some of our favorites from the shoot along with some notes from Emily!


A Few Words from Our Stylist, Emily Goodin

Fall is my FAVORITE time for fashion! The temperature is perfect, there’s so many fun events happening…OH wait…but there’s a global pandemic! Now what?! As we move through this time of uncertainty; as we do our best to change the narrative of our daily lives, we start asking ourselves why does ‘what we wear’ matter right now?!

Well, I’m here to tell you that our moods, our energy levels, and our sense of normalcy will start coming back when we simply put ourselves back together! When we can get dressed and feel like we are putting our best foot forward (in an amazing fall boot, of course), then we can change our outlook on other things as well. It starts with you. YOU matter! Let your clothes be as diverse as the friends and neighbors you hold dear. Maybe today you’re feeling like a rock star! Tomorrow you might feel like a bohemian goddess! Take your fashion to a new level this Fall season by trying something different! 

And you ask, “How do I do that with a mask?!” Well, I’ll show you! You can use a beautiful silk scarf as your face covering! Or what about getting a few statement masks from a local designer?! Sequins, beads, and prints can help you feel like you still sparkle while staying safe. I’m right there with you, though. I’m OVER IT! But, while this is our normal for the moment, you might as well have fun with it! 


Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

Now let’s get back to the fashion! I’ve styled multiple looks for this fall feature to give you some fresh ideas for this season. First of all, I absolutely love an edgy look! Mixing joggers and leather with a cute sneaker or throwing on your favorite band tee with a blazer can make you feel like you can take on the world! 

And, don’t forget the accessories! A hat, a unique necklace, a great statement earring…go over-the-top and own it!




Date Night Ready

For a romantic date night, don’t be afraid to put on a dress! Why not?! It’s time to start turning masked heads, ladies! And Fall is the best time for pairing a dress with a great pair of boots! Just grab an oversized bag or clutch and your look will be flawless. When the nights start getting chilly, drape a structured jacket (I love leather or a blazer) over your shoulders for a chic way of keeping cozy!



Everyday Casual

For those everyday errands, I get it – you don’t want to be walking around in stilettos. A pair of distressed jeans and a crisp, white top is simple, yet stylish. You know you’ll need a face covering while you’re out and about so use your scarf for beauty and function! If you’re a jeans and tee gal, just make sure you have a statement sneaker. Also, blanket scarves work like a dream when it comes to adjusting them to act as a mask. 



Everyone is all about the casual feel these days. But, why not amp it up without sacrificing comfort! A silk jogger paired with a simple top and puffy coat is oh-so-snuggly! But, put on a block heeled, cage bootie and statement mask… now we’re talking comfortable hotness!



A statement earring can elevate any outfit. A simple floral print in Fall colors paired with a snake, fringe earring is easy but says that you know style!

Fall Fashion Photo Shoot Fall Florals paired with a statement earring



For more on these looks, check out the full article in this month’s issue of Brentwood Lifestyles Magazine here.

Photographer: Ashley Hylbert @ashleyhylbert | HMU: Stephanie Harrison @merrychristmassteph
Models: Tribe Talent Management @tribetalent | Location: White Avenue Studio @whiteavenuestudio

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