Branding Photo Shoots & Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots with Nashville Stylist Emily Goodin

We love to style clients for professional headshots and branding photo shoots. Professional photographs are an investment. We know that our clients plan to utilize these images over and over again across their various marketing outlets. Thus, they strive for the images to feel impactful, timeless, and seamless. Our job as stylists is to handle the image consulting aspect of your professional photo shoot. From initial exploration of your vision as a client, to shopping, fittings, and styling the day of the shoot. We love bringing out the best in our clients, and we are present every step of the way to be your brand advocate and steward.


Branding Photo Shoots

Well-styled branding photo shoots can achieve so much for your business through your various marketing platforms. It can influence change within your brand profile, attract new clients, and increase your profits. Hiring a stylist to assist in this process will also pay off many fold.

  • Your look photos ensures that you are properly communicating your brand message to your client base.
  • Working with a stylist ultimately saves you time and energy. Your stylist will do the leg work finding the perfect outfit that compliments you, your body, and your brand on camera.
  • Having a stylist at the photo shoot streamlines the process, ensuring the best use of your time and financial resources. Your stylist serves as your “best girlfriend” during the photoshoot, making sure every detail is perfectly in place…from the placement of an accessory to a wrinkle that needs to be straightened.



Branding Photo Shoot: Daughters on Fire

Emily Goodin recently styled a branding photo session for Melissa Burton and Robyn Arab. This dynamic duo does a podcast together called Daughters On Fire. Their podcast explores the dynamics of women who are both the caretakers for their aging parents as well as their own families. You can check out more of Emily’s branding work with these two beautiful ladies, as well as learn more about the mission of Daughters On Fire, on their website.

Professional Headshots & Branding Photo Shoots with Nashville Stylist Emily Goodin

Photography by Dolly DelongHMU by Kati Edge



Professional Headshots: Jill Wright Coaching

Katey Preston worked with Jill Wright of Jill Wright Coaching on a shoot when she was revamping her website. Jill’s business centers around mentoring life coaches to reach their full potential. She also has a fabulous podcast and released a book entitled Money Lies. Check out more of Katey’s work for Jill and how Jill works with her clients to maximize their coaching businesses on her website.  

Photography by Karen Halpert



Branding Photo Shoot: Danielle Ontiveros, Grab the Gold Bars

Emily Goodin works quite a bit with Danielle Ontiveros. Danielle is the owner and founder of Grab the Gold bars. For this shoot, Danielle needed a great head shot for a feature in a business magazine.    

Nashville Professional Headshots with Effortless Style

Photography by Tausha DickinsonHMU  by Shani GailbreathLocation: Westlight Studios in Franklin, TN



Liza Hippler Photography Shoot

A few years ago, we partnered with Liza Hippler Photography to do a fun professional ladies event at fab’rik in Franklin. Our guests enjoyed personal shopping and styling with Katey Preston, wine and appetizers, hair and makeup and professional headshots. Our stylists’ love doing events like this. If you, or someone you know, are ever interested in planning something along those lines, give us a call. These headshots turned out absolutely fabulous!

Professional Headshots & Branding Photo Shoots with Nashville Stylist

Photography by Liza Hippler PhotographyHMU by Brittany Nelson Make Up and Hair



Professional Headshots & Branding Photo Shoots Client Testimonials

Professional Headshots & Branding Photo Shoots with Nashville Stylist Emily Goodin


Professional Headshots & Branding Photo Shoots with Nashville Stylist Katey Preston


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