Men’s Style…What to Wear on a Zoom Call

Men's Style What to Wear on a Zoom Call

Time for a post for the guys! We’ve already put together some fun posts for the ladies on ‘what to wear on a zoom call’ so we thought it only appropriate to put some fun ideas for the guys as well!


Men’s Style – What to Wear on a Zoom Call

We have all seen corporations utilizing video conferencing as a means to save time and money right? But woah…didn’t see this coming! We have now, for the time being, moved to this as a rule of thumb. Suffice it to say this may throw a wrench in your style plans. Even for employees who live in the same towns or work in the same office, this is the new normal. Now we are even socializing in groups online! This obviously changes some of the style guides regarding what to wear to the office.

Silver lining…it’s become a casual Friday every day! But logging in from home doesn’t give you license to slub it. You can still stand out and look sharp when talking to your colleagues and the powers that be. So go for it… wear your jeans, every day joggers, shorts etc…just remember you do your best when you feel your best so we encourage you to not get too comfortable in your new work from home environment…aka jammies lol…. Check out some of these great ideas when it comes to waist up pieces that can make you stand out to the boss!  


Men’s Jackets/Sport Coats

Okay so here’s the thing, we are not seeing a lot of jackets on the Zoom calls. That being said, there is a time and place for jackets, so when the times comes, make sure you are ready. Check out the super casual jersey navy jacket from Nordstrom….it’ soft to the touch and easy to move around in. For a dressier look try this navy window pane sport coat. It’s not too extra but definitely looks sharp! Both of the jackets can be dressed up or dressed down. Try slipping on a classic white crew neck tee for an easy, put together look. For a pop of color try a pastel henley for the spring.

Casual Navy Blazer | Windowpane Sport Coat


Short Sleeve Henley |Classic White Tee


Men’s Casual Tops

If you know that your company is always going to be good with the casual, laid back look, below are a few great staples. A great button down is always a safe, put together option! And we also love a good polo or pullover for casual looks as well. We’ve included a few favorites for you guys!

White Linen Dress Shirt | Casual Pattern Dress Shirt | Classic Plaid Button Down


Men's Style...What to Wear on a Zoom Call


Black Golf Shirt | Casual Black Golf Shirt | Solid Navy Golf Shirt | Grey Zippered Pullover | Light Blue Golf Shirt

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