Spring Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks – Part 1

Spring Capsule Collection Styled Looks Blue Blazer + Floral Blouse Outfit

We recently released our Spring Capsule Wardrobe…  Putting together the Spring Capsule styled looks for you guys was SO fun.  But, it honestly took longer than we anticipated.  This is because the iterations of this capsule are almost limitless!  So, we are breaking the styled looks into two blogs so we can really show you how to maximize this capsule.

Spring is well on its way to us.  Because of that, it is absolutely time to start doing your spring clothes shopping if you haven’t already.  And, we hope these styled looks give you lots of fun style inspiration to play with for spring!



Spring Capsule Wardrobe Styled Looks

colorful blazer for spring fun blazer for spring affordable blazer for spring double breasted blazer


The Blazer

Why not add a pop of color to your spring closet via one of our favorite wardrobe pieces: a blazer!  This one from Zara has a great silhouette, is well made, and sits at a price point that cannot be beat!  But don’t forget – you don’t have to save your blazer for dressy occasions only…  Because you can just as easily throw it on with jeans and sneakers.  Or you can do one of our favorite out of the box looks by pairing your blazer with shorts or cut-offs as the weather gets warmer.



Blazer Look 1 | Blazer Look 2


Blazer Look 3 | Blazer Look 4


Blazer Look 5 | Blazer Look 6




tweed jacket neutral tweed jacket versatile tweed jacket cropped jacket for spring


The Cropped Jacket

This cropped jacket offsets the blazer in this capsule nicely.  It has a completely different feel to it than the blazer.  Which adds versatility to the jacket component of the capsule.  Its’ tweed material adds some fun spring texture too.  Note that this cream tweed has specks of many different colors in it – blue, hot pink, yellow, green – making it very easy to layer over almost any top!  For instance, you can wear it with a simple white tee.  But you can also add a fun pop of color with the yellow tank, hot pink matching set top, or the striped tank.


Cropped Jacket Look 1 | Cropped Jacket Look 2


Cropped Jacket Look 3 | Cropped Jacket Look 4


Cropped Jacket Look 5 | Cropped Jacket Look 6




how to wear a striped cardigan fun striped cardigan for spring black and white look for spring


The Striped Cardigan

Cardigans have made a comeback in recent years.  But for us, they are a year over year staple.  This striped cardigan is fun AND classic.  We love its striped pattern and gold button detailing.  You can layer your cardigan (unbuttoned or buttoned) over many of the tops and dresses in this capsule.  But, you can also wear your cardigan buttoned up like a shirt!



Striped Cardigan Look 1 | Striped Cardigan Look 2


Striped Cardigan Look 3 | Striped Cardigan Look 4


Striped Cardigan Look 5 | Striped Cardigan Look 6



fun patterned sweatshirt for spring and summer abstract print sweatshirt cropped sweatshirt for spring


The Patterned Sweatshirt

We spent a good bit of time talking about this sweatshirt when it made its debut in the Beach Vacation Capsule Collection…  So, no need to rehash it all here.  But suffice it to say, we ADORE this piece and how it works in this capsule!



Patterned Sweatshirt Look 1 | Patterned Sweatshirt Look 2


Patterned Sweatshirt Look 3 | Patterned Sweatshirt Look 4


Patterned Sweatshirt Look 5 | Patterned Sweatshirt Look 6



pretty long sleeve blouse for spring patterned blouse for spring colorful spring blouse


The Printed Blouse

This is literally the piece of the capsule that pulled the entire collection together.  We searched and searched for the PERFECT printed blouse.  And guys, THIS IS IT.  Why you might ask?  Because the colors are spectacular, the silhouette is classically beautiful, and it dresses up just as well as it is worn casually.  But, note that we find that this one runs a bit small – consider sizing up!



Printed Blouse Look 1 | Printed Blouse Look 2


Printed Blouse Look 3 | Printed Blouse Look 4


Printed Blouse Look 5 | Printed Blouse Look 6



silk short sleeve blouse good staple black blouse for spring black blouse for summer


The Short Sleeve Blouse

This black silk collared short sleeve blouse is admittedly an investment.  But, because its silhouette is classic and timeless, it is an investment worth making.  Also, we are LOVING the black and white trend this spring, and this piece lends itself nicely to that as well!



Short Sleeve Blouse Look 1 | Short Sleeve Blouse Look 2


Short Sleeve Blouse Look 3 | Short Sleeve Blouse Look 4


Short Sleeve Blouse Look 5 | Short Sleeve Blouse Look 6



colorful maxi dress for spring printed maxi dress for summer colorful maxi dress for summer tiered maxi dress for summer


The Printed Maxi Dress

This printed maxi dress by Farm Rio is a complete and total showstopper.  Fabulous by itself.  With a cardigan over it.  With a shirt tied at the waist to create a top and skirt look.  There are so many ways to wear this beautiful piece.  Its colors are so vibrant and complement the other pieces in this capsule just beautifully.  Not to mention, it flows really well with some of the pieces in our Beach Vacation Capsule Collection as well!



Printed Maxi Dress Look 1 | Printed Maxi Dress Look 2


Printed Maxi Dress Look 3 | Printed Maxi Dress Look 4


Printed Maxi Dress Look 5 | Printed Maxi Dress Look 6


We hope you enjoyed these capsule looks….  And be sure to check back next week for Part 2!  To see the complete collection of our Spring Capsule Wardrobe styled looks, be sure to follow us on Like To Know It.

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