Stadium Friendly Accessories

Stadium Friendly Accessories

In the past five years or so, most stadium and event venues have begun to require clear handbags for entry.  At first, we were all scrambling to figure out what in the world that was and where to get a decent one….  And at the time, there weren’t many great options.  Thank goodness the retail industry recognized an opportunity when they saw one, because the clear bag options are now limitless, amazing, and won’t cramp our style….  Not to mention super fun accessories to go inside them to preserve just a bit of your privacy. 

Though we are seeing a little bit of a set back from the world re-opening right now, many outdoor venues are still proceeding as planned, which means it is still a good idea to have stadium friendly accessories of some sort if you plan to attend a football game or outdoor concert anytime soon….  Even the Williamson County Fair had a sign up requiring clear bags this year!  And let’s be honest, us girls have very important things we need to carry around with us at any given moment, and going bag-less is simply not an option!  In today’s blog post, we are going to check out some of our stylists’ favorites.



Stadium Friendly Accessories

We love this simple clear crossbody from Amazon.  It comes with a gold chain strap that is adjustable and can be detached!  For a fun gameday look, switch out the chain strap for a fun team beaded strap.  Tennessee fans – we love this privacy pouch in orange python for a stylish nod to the Vols!

Stadium Friendly Accessories Clear Crossbody Handbag w/ Gameday Strap

Clear Crossbody Handbag | Privacy Pouch | Gameday Beaded Shoulder Strap



We love the faux croc detailing on this particular bag, as well as its fun chain strap!  And the card case to go with…what a fun gameday accessory look.

Clear Crossbody Handbag SEC Football Handbag NFL Football Handbag

Clear Almond Croc Crossbody Handbag | Metallic Privacy Pouch | Football Studs | Metallic Python Card Case



Dress your clear bag up with a pretty scarf…  We love this website for really beautiful, one of a kind state scarves – be sure to check them out!

Stadium Friendly Accessories Clear Crossbody Handbag with Scarf

Clear Metallic Crossbody Handbag | Blue Python Mini Wallet | Blue Python Privacy Pouch | Kentucky Derby Scarf



And just a few more “statement” clear stadium accessories that we are loving….

Stadium Friendly Clear Handbags for Sporting Events and Concerts

Clear Studded Crossbody Bag | Clear Crossbody + Belt Bag | Clear Hard Shell Clutch Crossbody | Clear Pouch Wristlet | Clear Gold Handle Crossbody Bag


We hope this was helpful, both in terms of where to find good looking clear bags and accessories, and also how to style them!  Be sure to check back next week for some fabulous gameday look ideas for the upcoming football season….

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