The Skinny Jeans Debate

The Skinny Jeans Debate How to Still Wear Skinny Jeans in 2021

The Skinny Jeans Debate….  It’s been a real {funny} thing to watch in recent months for sure.  So naturally, we thought we would weigh in on this hilarious cyber war between Gen Z and the Millenials.  In our books, skinny jeans are very much still a thing… and for good reason.  Have we jumped on the high rise, boyfriend, wide leg, bootcut, and vintage cut jean bandwagons?  Of course – we are stylists after all and are always looking for an excuse to update our closets.  But that doesn’t mean we are retiring our skinny jeans for good anytime soon, and here’s why….  


The Skinny Jeans Debate

Skinny jeans are a classic, tailored look that flatters most body types.  They are the perfect jean to dress up, whether that be for work or a date night.  And they are also oh so cute with sneakers or a great pair of sandals.  The key to wearing your skinny jeans effortlessly through this generational battle is ensuring that the other pieces in your look are on point with current trends.  A very easy way to keep your looks up to date is via your accessories – think about incorporating current trends like the puffy slide sandal, layered necklaces, or the flower post earring. 

Our stylists have put together some current looks with some of their favorite skinny jeans for us….  Now, who was it that said skinny jeans can’t be stylish?!?!

The Skinny Jeans Debate Skinny Jeans In or Our Skinny Jeans Outfit

Satin Long Sleeve Top (Regular & Petite) | Distressed High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans | Toe Ring Slide Sandal | Tie Handle Crossbody Bag | Gold + White Huggie Earrings | Gold Layered Necklace Set


Summer Skinny Jeans Look How to wear skinny jeans in summer

Double Breasted Blazer | Printed Floral Cami | High-Rise Toothpick Jean (Regular, Petite, Plus Size & Tall Sizing) | Bow Heeled Sandals | Black + White Stripe Clutch | Wide Stacking Cuff | Layered Flower Post Earrings



The Skinny jeans debate How to still wear skinny jeans in 2021

Macaw Collar Blouse | Good Legs High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans (Regular & Plus Size) | Strappy Sandals | Nude Handbag | Gold All Weather Bangles | Tassel Drop Earrings

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