What to Wear in Fall Family Photos

What to Wear in Fall Family Photos Nashville Fall Family Photos

Fall is well on its way!  And with our favorite season comes the perfect backdrop of vibrant colors and gorgeous lighting for family photos!  It’s no surprise that so many of our clients are calling us this time of year for help figuring out what to wear in fall family photos.  Putting together a cohesive look for your family can be daunting to say the least!

The many decisions that have to be made can be confusing and frankly overwhelming.  What will my kids wear?  Do they match or coordinate?  And what do I wear?  What color scheme works well together without being too “matchy matchy”?  If you are stressing a bit about what to wear in fall family photos this year, reach out and let our stylists help!  


What to Wear in Fall Family Photos

Our stylists have extensive experience with styling for photos, both from personal photo shoots for our marketing platforms, as well as working with clients on theirs.  Katey Preston has dabbled in photography herself and thus really understands what looks best on camera.  Katie Rushton has a keen eye for the small details that you don’t always think about.  And Jenny always knows just the right combination of texture, pattern, and color variety to get the perfect shot.

What to Wear in Fall Family Photos

Contact us today for package details or to book one of our stylists for your upcoming photo shoot!  Our family photo styling packages are available starting at $150 – and don’t forget that virtual styling is always an option for this as well! 


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