3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

It seems like Thanksgiving is everyone’s fave holiday! I mean, there isn’t really anything to do for this day but prepare to eat, drink and enjoy time together! Getting up with coffee to watch the Macy’s Day parade and anticipate how many servings of that cornbread dressing you wait for all year is the best.  But, here’s the deal…. you can still put together some comfy Thanksgiving looks, even when overindulging in good food is the plan! You don’t have to sacrifice style.

You know there will be a few great pics taken and everyone wants to look good in those. So, ask yourself, when you are planning your outfits for yourself and your fam…..Am I cool with someone posting this online? Am I loving my husband in his favorite t-shirt with holes in it and sweats? If the answer is yes, then go on with your bad self!

Otherwise, here are 3 different style scenarios to consider on Thanksgiving Day.


Comfy Thanksgiving Looks: Friendsgiving

Many people can’t get to family during this holiday, so getting friends together is the next best thing. When you and your friends choose to hang at the homestead, being stylish might not be in the forefront of your mind, but this doesn’t mean you have to revert to jammy pants and a hoodie! (At least until after dinner then all bets are off!!)

A stylish substitute for jammies would be a stretchy jumper.  Another option would be a pair of stretchy faux or vegan leather leggings with a chunky sweater and pair it with kitten heel booties. You can take a turkey coma nap with this on and still feel runway ready!

3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

Black Legging | Chunky Sweater | Kitten Heel Booties | Jumper

Comfy Thanksgiving Looks: Dinner With Family

Here’s the thing, dinner with the family can range from dressing up to super casual. Depending on who and how many are coming over or if your family does your dinner out, it can get pretty stressful trying to strategize for what to wear. Comfy is key but dumpy is definitely not. Try donning a sweater dress that is stretchy but stylish and pair with a sophisticated over the knee suede low heel boot .

3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

Sweater DressOver the Knee Flat Heel Boot


A super low key comfy but stylish choice for hiding the impending food baby is a stretchy denim with a flowy tie neck blouse with booties or wedges, and then throw on a light leather jacket on top for a little warmth.

3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

Tie Neck Blouse | Skinny Jean | Shaggy Faux Shearling Jacket | Wedge Bootie | Heel Bootie | Crossbody Bag


3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

Biker Jacket | Tie Neck Blouse | Skinny Jean | Hobo Bag | Wedge Bootie

Comfy Thanksgiving Looks: For the Guys

In my family growing up my father always set up a couple of fryers in the driveway on Thanksgiving morning. He would buy gallons of Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers from one of the areas favorite watering holes and all of his friends and their sons would come by in the morning to drop a bird in the fryer and have a cocktail. When their turkey was done they would take it straight to the in-law’s to impress them with their holiday feast.

I can still see them out on the driveway standing around the fryer talking about football in their corduroy pants and button down shirts starched and pressed with either a sweater, leather jacket or casual blazer accessorized with their loafers.

Today probably doesn’t look that much different for the guys….a button down shirt with some chinos, khaki’s or nice dark denim jeans and some short leather or suede desert boots, lace up wingtips or a converse high top…no running shoes please…you can put those back on tomorrow!

3 Stylish, Yet Comfy Thanksgiving Looks

Dress Shirt | Sweater | Jeans | Chinos | Blazer | Chukka Boots

Go ahead…indulge.. you can get motivated to begin training for your beach body tomorrow. On this day you are mindful of the gratitude you have for your friends and family, your loose waste band and your wedges and kitten heels will keep you stable on your feet after a few cocktails consumed as you toast to the turkey and this time together.


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