It’s Holiday Party Time! Now…What to Wear?

Holiday Party Time What to Wear

Tis the season for holiday parties! I don’t know about you but that brings on both excitement and stress about what to wear. Don’t let party season make you anxious. This should be a time for you to dress like a boss and feel both confident and comfortable in your skin, no matter what the occasion!

Friends love to get together to celebrate the season and these celebrations come in many different packages. There are ornament or cookie swaps, my favorite thing exchanges, even one man’s trash is another man’s treasure parties which are a lot of fun and a good way to get a laugh while getting rid of that….well you fill in the blank! I know some of my friends and I are planning on getting together for a white elephant/dirty Santa gift exchange. In my mind I see us all wearing lounge pants or jammies sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows. In reality we will probably be donning something a little more stylish and clinking champagne glasses, but that doesn’t mean our looks can’t be comfortable.


Holiday Party Time: White for the Win

I guess you could say I’m a little rebellious. When most people are wearing reds and burgundies and blacks, I am thinking white!  I mean those adorable white jeans you got on sale at the end of last season don’t need to hang in your closet until next year. It’s the new rule. White all day, every day, and it looks so good in the winter. Even stark white is allowed and it really stands out.

The color white was my inspiration in the below look but the coat is just everything right now. This coat is soft, cozy, and so warm and it really pulls this white combination together. As a caveat it also goes well with many other things in your closet. And if you are like me and recently binge watched Very Cavallari you are probable dying for her rose gold pieces to add a little glam to your accessory collection! Wear this look and you will be comfy but also the one to see in this forward thinking, stylish outfit!

Holiday Party Time: White for the Win


Coat | Jeans | Sweater | Boots | Choker | Necklace | Earrings


Don’t agree with the new rule about white or it’s just not your color? Another great option is to go with a monochromatic look using a gray palette and keep the white jeans!

Holiday Party Time: Monochromatic looks

Coat | Sweater | Jean | Bootie | Necklace | Earrings


Holiday Party Time: After Hours Work Party

The ole after hours work cocktail party can bring on the hot flashes when trying to figure out what to wear. No matter if it’s meeting the powers that be of upper management at a cocktail reception or getting together for a fun dinner with work friends, you want to feel comfortable. Trying to throw on an outfit that you think will impress but that you feel totally uncomfortable in will not make a good impression. Your look will start with how you feel on the inside. I’d recommend wearing clothes that don’t itch and that aren’t too cumbersome and stick with shoes that don’t hurt too much. Fun pieces that are sassy are ok but do stay away from anything that is too revealing. A low cut dress can be tamed with a long sleeve blouse underneath and a statement necklace. Loving this particular velvet dress for this type of occasion. It’s so festive and navy is the new black! Pair with some shoes that have some flair and you are good to go!

Holiday Party Time: After Hours Work Party

Dress | Blouse | Necklace | Gold Heels | Black Heels


Holiday Party Time: The Go-To Look

This strapless black jumpsuit will carry you through the holiday season and all year round for fun after dark events. You can dress  it up with a statement ring and make it festive with a pop of gold in the shoe. I am absolutely living for this faux fur white coat right now. Throw this on top and no doubt you are getting noticed!

Holiday Party Time After Hours Work Party

Strapless Jumper | Jacket | Ring | Heels


Holiday Party Time: Formal Looks We Love

Going to a formal holiday party or gala this year? Okay listen…my sometimes contrarian mindset again dictates this color pallet.  You can wear black and you will be 100% fine! But don’t you want to stand out in that sea of black? Anyone else see the RHONY episode when Countess Luann donned those beautiful dresses in her cabaret show? They were GORGEOUS! You too can wear a (say it with me ladies) JOVANI! These gowns are stunning and fit so well. When it comes to accessories and shoes go gold or go home on this one. This is your night to shine so fully embrace your inner Greta Garbo!

Holiday Party Time Formal Looks We Love

Gown | Heels | Necklace | Bracelet | Jacket


Many of these items, even for the different events, could be mixed and matched. You can totally wear some of the same things at different events and no one would even know. No matter what your event, may your party season be merry and bright!

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