Benefits Of Working With A Personal Stylist

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Julie Hullett is Nashville’s go-to concierge and a dear friend of the Effortless Style team.  We love partnering with Julie when we can!  We also love sending our clients her way when we know she can be of great help to them.  From time to time, she also refers her clients to us when we can step in and help with wardrobe needs.  She recently shared the below on her website about the benefits of working with a personal stylist…  We wanted to share it with you guys as well!


How Working With A Personal Stylist Changed My Clients’ Lives

As a personal concierge in Nashville, I meet with people every day who are looking to simplify their lifestyles. They love living the life they’ve built but are tired of doing the details. They’re busy enough as it is with family commitments, a 40+ hour work week, business travel, and social events.

One of the first things I recommend for clients looking to simplify their to-do list is to seek guidance from a personal stylist. Not only do my clients save time (no more shopping, tailoring, or returns!), but they also often see a boost in their confidence, allowing them to feel proud of all they’ve created and accomplished.

Here are a few ways that working with a personal stylist has changed many of my clients’ lives.


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A Personal Stylist Gives You More Time

My number one goal for any client is to give them more time to do what they love. By working with a personal stylist, my clients often receive an immediate return on investment in the time they get back! From auditing their existing wardrobes to finding the perfect pieces for everyday wear, a personal stylist minimizes the time my clients often spend thinking about and curating their wardrobes.


A Personal Stylist Takes the Guesswork Out of Social Events

My clients often attend social gatherings—from happy hours to fundraising galas—and they never wonder what they’ll wear, let alone if they have something in their closet that matches the occasion. Because they’ve worked with a personal stylist, they have their perfect look on standby! Rather than worrying about what they’ll wear, they can focus on the people they’re excited to meet and the experience at hand.


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A Personal Stylist Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Many of my concierge clients are busiest in the mornings. They’re preparing for their day ahead, making lunches for their children, meeting the morning carpool, and catching up on endless emails. The last thing they need is to spend precious minutes in their closet, trying on outfits—attempting to find the perfect look for both their morning presentation and afternoon coffee.

When my clients work with a personal stylist, they have the staple pieces they’ll need to craft the perfect outfit, no matter their day’s agenda. Rather than spending time playing a game of “this or that,” they’re able to slow down and sip their morning coffee before the busy day ahead.


A Personal Stylist Boosts Your Confidence

One of the most impactful ways a personal stylist can impact my clients’ lives is by boosting their confidence. When my clients know they look great, they feel great, too! I’ve witnessed my clients’ moods transform after they’ve worked with a personal stylist. No more hunched shoulders and blistered heels, just a head held high and a confident smile. It’s amazing what a great pair of shoes can do!

If you’re looking to simplify your lifestyle, there’s no better place to start than with your wardrobe. Skip the dressing rooms, the retail lines, and the commute to the mall and work with a personal stylist instead.


About Julie Hullett Concierge, LLC

This blog was written by Julie Hullett of Julie Hullett Concierge, LLC.  Julie is a personal concierge who works with clients in Nashville and beyond.  She and her team of experienced professionals manage everything on your to-do list so you can get back to doing the things you love.

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