The Closet Audit: Top Ten Misconceptions, Is this You?

As a Closet Audit veteran, our Nashville Stylist Katey Preston has heard it all. For every reason a client gives not to have a Closet Audit, Katey can tell you five reasons why you should. We totally get it! An audit of any kind doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, but our low-pressure Closet Audits are a lot like inviting a girlfriend into your closet who can have fun yet tactfully be honest about your wardrobe and style.

The majority of clients come to us looking for ease of everyday dressing, whatever the occasion, and a Closet Audit truly is the most efficient and sensible first step toward effortless style. Katey has compiled a list of misconceptions about Closet Audits, commonly expressed before and during the process. If any of the below statements sound like you, let’s talk!

The Closet Audit: Top Ten Misconceptions from Nashville Stylist Katey Preston


1. “I have recently gone through my closet and done a self-audit. I’ve purged a bunch of things myself.”

This is a great first step! Our experience tells us there is probably some more work to be done. By saying the words out loud, “I haven’t worn this in two years,” in front of someone else, you realize that it’s a little silly to have it still hanging in your closet. We may also notice your sweater is pilling or stained, or your silk blouse has a pull, where your eyes may fail to see because it’s your favorite.

2. “I don’t like anything in my closet anyway, so I think I can skip this step and jump right into shopping.”

While the latter may be very true, a Closet Audit is still crucial! Let’s talk about why you don’t like the items in your closet. Let’s talk about how you are currently wearing and pairing them, and let’s talk specifically about what is missing from your wardrobe and what pieces you want to add. Most importantly, we are known for giving new life to things you think you’re ready to pitch.

3. “My closet is a mess! I’d be embarrassed to have anyone in it.”

We know how you feel! It’s like cleaning your house before the cleaning service comes. But trust us: we’ve likely seen worse, and our closets aren’t perfect either. Don’t waste the time…we’ll tackle the process together.

The Closet Audit: Top Ten Misconceptions from Nashville Stylist Katey Preston

4. “What if I’m left with nothing to wear? My shopping budget isn’t big enough to replace an entire closet.”

We are not going to leave you with an empty closet. Baby steps. Hold on to the piece that is working for now, but once it’s replaced, it should be phased out. We know it’s not realistic to buy an all-new wardrobe in one shopping trip (although wouldn’t that be fun, like Pretty Woman?!), so we’ll make recommendations for a priority list that fits your budget, and go from there.

5. “I definitely want to do a closet audit, but I’m going to wait until I lose more weight.”

Okay. We’re women, and we’ve all been here before, especially in January after the holiday binging. This is what we tell clients: if you are trying to lose a bunch of weight–enough to put you in a new size,  you will most likely want to showcase your new figure with new clothes, not the ones you’ve been staring at all of this time, right?


1. “I bought this last month and have never worn it, because I don’t know what to do with it.”

We talk a little bit about styling in a Closet Audit, especially if there is a piece you are struggling with. Make sure to tell us about it when we get to that piece, and we will make some suggestions.

2. “I wear the same things over and over. I like to pair this top with black pants, but that’s it.”

This is closely tied to #1. We’ll help you think outside the box to create pairings you maybe haven’t thought of before.

The Closet Audit: Top Ten Misconceptions from Nashville Stylist Katey Preston

3. “I’m emotionally tied to this piece because it was my mother’s. I don’t want to get rid of it.”

We know the feeling. And we would never encourage you to get rid of something that you are emotionally tied to. But if it’s a piece you are keeping because of a memory instead of because it’s something you wear, then maybe there is a different place for it. Preserve it in a plastic bin on a shelf, for example.

4. “I bought this because it was on sale for $18 marked down from $99, but I’ve never worn it.”

We all love a good sale, and we understand that a deal like this is hard to resist. But, just because it’s on super sale, doesn’t mean it’s the right piece for you.

5. “I love this piece, but it doesn’t fit me. I’m going to keep it for when I lose 10 more pounds.”

It’s important to be realistic. If you are taking the steps you need to lose the weight you desire, then that’s one thing. But, if it’s just a plan for down the road, then let’s dress for your body type now, and deal with the new figure when it gets here!

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