Three Surprising Questions to Ask When Hiring a Stylist, and How We’re Different from the Rest

If you’ve been considering a wardrobe stylist, you’ve probably also been wondering how to find the best one for you. The possibilities seem endless, between the online subscription services and the fashion bloggers and influencers populating our Instagram feeds. You may be drawn to stylists whose look you admire or see as similar to your own.

Fulfilling your style goals and receiving excellent client service, however, go far beyond the surface. Knowing the right questions to ask potential service providers is so important. The questions might surprise you, because of how simple they are, but if you’ve never worked with a stylist before (or even if you have and weren’t completely satisfied), they are not necessarily obvious.

We’re sharing three questions to ask stylists that will help you in your search. We are also sharing how Effortless Style would answer you in an interview. We think you’ll see us as different, in a good way, and at the very least, know where to set the bar when hiring a stylist.

Three Surprising Questions to Ask When Hiring a Stylist, and How Effortless Style is Different from the Rest1. WILL WE MEET IN PERSON?

Sure, the online subscription route offers easy registration and an accessible price point. But when the personal touch is lacking, you are likely to end up with a bunch of clothes in the mail that aren’t uniquely suited to you, and that you keep anyway because they come at a discount. Quality over quantity always.

At Effortless Style, we meet each client in person, usually over coffee, to get to know her or his personality and lifestyle before we even select the first item of clothing. One size does not fit all in styling services; our approach is highly personal and customized for the client’s best interest. As needed, we also offer in-home closet audits as a jumping off point.


Large department stores and even some smaller boutiques offer free stylists or personal shoppers to customers. The limitations of this option are that the services are exclusive to just that one store, and that the stylists/shoppers are often motivated by sales goals and incentives (see question #3 below for more on this).

Our stylists, on the other hand, shop at all different kinds of stores, based on the client’s tastes and budget. Effortless Style’s principal motivation is to help you feel and look your best.

Three Surprising Questions to Ask When Hiring a Stylist, and How Effortless Style is Different from the Rest3. DO YOU WORK ON COMMISSION?

As we mentioned in question #2, a lot of stylists working for big box brands answer to supervisors with aggressive sales goals and operate on a commission-based sales structure. Not that commission in itself is bad, but it can lead to upselling and other sales techniques that leave the client with more product than necessary, or the wrong products.

Effortless Style is not commission-based, so no sales-y pitches here. You know you’re getting quality service that is truly appropriate for you, because our business is relationship-driven above anything else.

If you’re looking for a a wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, closet auditor, or other style-based service and Effortless Style sounds like a good fit for you, please reach out to one of our stylists via email at or via our online contact form. We can’t wait to connect with you!



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