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The Closet Audit: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

New year, same you. And ya know what–it’s okay! Not to downplay New Year’s resolutions. January is a great time to hit the reset button. It’s when a lot of us establish goals, after the holiday splurge and before the productivity of spring kicks in. So many times, however, people pursue resolutions without a plan of action, without accountability, and without sustainability, making it far more difficult to actually achieve them.

“Simplify” is a word on many lips right now, and when it comes to your wardrobe, we’ve got your back. Over the next few weeks, we’re giving our services an in-depth look, making them more accessible to you and demystifying any misconceptions, starting with the Closet Audit. Then we will follow up with personal shopping and styling sessions. The best starting point when you want a change in your wardrobe, the Closet Audit is not as daunting as you might think, especially with our help.


Very simply, a Closet Audit is the process through which our stylist spends time with you and each piece in your closet. We help you determine what to keep and what to shed and discern the cumbersome pieces that you don’t feel good wearing, that are stained, worn, or outdated. We also discover new life in the pieces you’ve been wearing the same ol’ way.


First, we meet for a consultation with you to determine your needs and goals. After that, we jump right in. We talk through fit, style, relevance, condition, and how you feel about every single item in your closet. You tell us, “this is my go to for a business meeting,” or “I bought this last month, but don’t know how to style it,” or “I haven’t worn this in ages.” From these conversations, we are able to determine what from your closet needs to be kept, removed (the “to-go” pile), and/or replaced.

We take notes accordingly, which may turn into a shopping list if new items are required to fill any holes. That way, you have a record of our recommendations after we leave. Once the audit is complete, we will help you bag up your “to-go” pile. We will even deliver it to a local charity on your behalf. Bottom line: we want you to feel good about everything that is left hanging in your closet.


At risk of sounding cheesy, the purpose of a Closet Audit is to make the process of assembling an outfit each morning…effortless. Everyone needs a Closet Audit at some point. Your closet is an easy place to store things, and it’s easy to lose track of an item, not wearing it for years. Out of sight, out of mind! When only your most loved wardrobe pieces are in your closet, you can easily find them, instead of being distracted by excess clutter.


Yes! And this is so important for people to know: we understand the vulnerability a Closet Audit demands. We (stylists) audit each other’s closets once or twice a year. There’s just something about having a fresh set of eyes on your wardrobe, and receiving encouragement when you are on the fence about letting something go. Our closets can be an emotional place. Talking through some of the emotions around certain items can really be helpful. The thought of someone else in your closet can be intimidating, but respect is our priority. Clients hire us to be honest, so if a piece isn’t flattering or the best option, we’re going to let you know, but in a gentle way!


At least once a year, but for some of our clients, twice a year is a better fit. Once for spring/summer and once for fall/winter. Ideally, after the first audit, you have gained some tools to help you better self-audit throughout the year. Maybe once a year, or once every second year after that. We don’t realize how much we can accumulate in our closets in a short period of time. Getting in there and cleaning out is such a refreshing feeling!

If you’re considering a Closet Audit for your wardrobe, you can reach us via email at info@effortlesstyle.com or through our online contact form. We’d be happy to discuss your options and what a closet audit would look like for you.

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