A Styling Session Explained

A Styling Session Explained

We get lots of questions about our styling sessions, such as…  What exactly is this service and how do I know if it would be beneficial to me?  If this is something you also are asking, we encourage you to peruse today’s blog post: A Styling Session Explained!


A Styling Session Explained

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing that you just absolutely love, but also never wear because you don’t know what to wear it with?
  • Do you have those couple of outfits you wear over and over?
  • Do you struggle with how to put the finishing touches on those looks you love?

If so, consider going shopping in your closet with one of our stylists!  Our styling sessions allow you to get an unbiased set of eyes on your closet to open up new and fresh style possibilities in your closet.  Basically, Styling Sessions are designed to take staples from your existing wardrobe and show you simple ways to update your look, mix and match unexpected pieces, and layer on finishing touches to make that outfit perfect.  Our stylists will also take the time to make recommendations for new purchases to consider adding to your wardrobe if needed.

The best part of our styling session, according to our clients?!  The online Effortless Style Lookbook we create for you to easily reference when getting dressed for work, play, and all things in between!

We have chosen a few clients who have recently done styling sessions to share with you today.  We hope that by giving you a small glimpse into some of the results of these clients’ styling sessions, you will better understand the service and how it might be helpful to you!


Working With What You Already Have

We recently worked with a client who had a beautiful closet of clothes, as you can see below.  She did not need to purchase anything, but instead just wanted a fresh set of eyes on her clothes for some new combinations with the pieces she already had.  Here are just a few of the looks we put together for her simply using the pieces in her closet!


Assistance With Packing For A Trip

We often work with clients who are in need of help packing for a trip, whether that be for work or for pleasure.  Sometimes, they are attending a work conference and need help with what to wear for the various events.  Other times, they are taking long trips where packing efficiently is important.  And others want help packing for a quick weekend trip!  Regardless, we love to help our clients pack for important trips.  Below, we are sharing a portion of the looks we put together for a client heading to Italy soon!


Effortless Everyday Style

Of course, we work with women to create effortless styled looks for the professional setting.  But many of our clients want help looking effortlessly put together for the rest of their life…  It feels good to look put together while running errands, attending volunteer meetings, and going out on girls’ or date nights too!  Here are a few of the looks we put together for a client recently for just those things!  Notice how we showed her how to utilize pieces in several different ways.


Elevated Casual Styling Session

Here is a client that hired us to help her put together some everyday looks – with the special request of styling inspiration for evening social events.  After working with us, she has all of her looks loaded in her online lookbook…  All she has to do is pull that lookbook up and choose the look she is in the mood for!  Here are a few looks we did for her for date and girls’ nights out!


What Our Styling Session Clients Are Saying

We especially LOVE doing styling sessions…  It brings us so much joy to walk into a client’s closet and create some magic for them with pieces they already own.  And also to know that we are making getting dressed for the day just a little bit easier for them!   Here is what some of our styling sessions clients are saying about it….


We hope this blog post gave you some helpful insight into our styling sessions!  Of course, if you want to hear more, just contact us.  We would be happy to chat with you in order to answer all of your questions!

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