Bold Work Looks

Bold Work Looks Green Blazer & White Pants

Summer is for bright and cheery colors…  And the office is no exception to that!  Guys, don’t be afraid to add color – and bold color at that – to your office look repertoire…  Let’s take a look at some style inspiration for bold work looks.


Bold Work Looks

To start things off, let’s take a look at one of our favorite pair of wide leg pants in hot pink!  You can certainly keep the color flowing with a brightly colored printed blouse…  Or if you are more comfortable, tone the bright pants down with a more neutral concept on top.  We love how Katie offset her hot pink pants with a cream crop jacket and white tank here.

Floral Blouse & Hot Pink Wide Leg Pants | Neutral Crop Jacket & Hot Pink Wide Leg Pants


And yet another pair of brightly colored pants in a more streamlined silhouette in bright blue!  Love how SEB has continued on with the bold color with patterned tops in bright colors in both of these looks!  When going this route, keep your jewelry, shoes, and bag simple and neutral.

Printed Bodysuit & Blue Wide Leg Pants | Printed Blouse & Blue Wide Leg Pants


Many of us wear blazers for work…  There are so many ways to wear them to the office more casually in the summer.  Think white jeans, casual cropped pants, midi dress…  But we digress!  Love all three of these looks utilizing the hot pink blazer from our Spring Capsule Wardrobe!  Once again, you can create a bold look by pairing a bright jacket with simple white jeans or a black midi dress…  Or you can add another splash of color with your top underneath your blazer, or with your pants like SEB did here!

Hot Pink Blazer & White Jeans | Hot Pink Blazer & Midi Dress | Hot Pink Blazer & Blue Wide Leg Pants


A Few More Ideas For Bold Work Style

And another couple of looks with a fabulous bright blue blazer!  Again, layer it over a simple black midi dress, or how about over a matching set?!?  If you don’t have a matching set, create a monochromatic look with a top and pant and then layer the blazer over that.  The tones of your top and bottom do NOT need to match perfectly to pull this off.  Monochromatic looks with varying tones are trending big time!

Bright Blue Blazer & Midi Dress | Bright Blue Blazer & Bright Pink Matching Set


Another easy way to create a bold look for the office is with a matching button-up set and pant set in a fun color!  Similar to the conversation above, you can also achieve a very similar look by pairing a button-up shirt and pants in the same color family with varying tones.  Remember, they do not need to match perfectly….  Just make sure the tones are pleasing to your eye when laid side by side, and you are good to go!

Bold Work Looks Orange Matching Button-Up & Pant Set creative work style how to wear bold colors to the office how to have fun with your work wardrobe how to add color into your work wardrobe how to spruce up your work wardrobe

Orange Button-Up Shirt & Pant Matching Set


Another way to style a button-up shirt and pants with bold color is to create a brightly colored colorblocked look.  We love this simple, sophisticated, and effective look that Katey created here!

Pink Button-Up Shirt & Blue Paperbag Waist Pants how to add color to your office wardrobe how to spruce up your office style how to create fun style for the office how to colorblock for the office nashville stylists share fun office style inspiration how to dress creatively for the office

Pink Button-Up Shirt & Blue Paperbag Waist Pants


Thank you for reading…  We hope this post gave you guys some style inspiration for adding some bold color into your work wardrobe.  We certainly had fun gathering up these looks for you to enjoy!  If you would like to shop the look that Katey is wearing below, you can click here.

Bold Work Looks Green Blazer & White Pants


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