Client Testimonial: Emily Webber Of We Travel Luxe

Client Testimonial: Emily Webber Of We Travel Luxe nashville area travel agent Brentwood TN travel agent nashville personal stylists testimonial

We are doing something different on here today…  Here is our first ever Client Testimonial: Emily Webber Of We Travel Luxe!  We recently sat down with one of our regular clients, Emily Webber, to chat with her about her experience working with us.  We hope you enjoy hearing directly from one of our clients today!


Client Testimonial: Emily Webber Of We Travel Luxe

If you guys remember, we did a business spotlight on Emily Webber and her business, We Travel Luxe, just about this time last year.  We Travel Luxe is a Nashville-based intimate travel agency with exclusive connections across the globe.  Emily and her team pride themselves on delivering experiential travel through thoughtful, strategic planning.  You can learn more about Emily and her fabulous business in our blog post from last year here.

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In what ways have you worked with Effortless Style?

I work with Katey Preston in several different capacities via the Annual Subscription.  I have done closet audits, styling sessions, and both virtual and in-person shopping.  When I first hired Katey, she came to my house and helped me to audit my closet…  That was so incredibly helpful!  We pulled out clothes that no longer fit to give away.  We also purged old clothes that had not been worn in a long time for one reason or another.  After streamlining my closet, Katey helped me to find the perfect pieces I needed to round out my wardrobe.

Katey then took all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories and put them into outfits.  She uploaded pictures of the styled looks into my online closet portal for me to refer back to when I am getting dressed (priceless).  Now, I have everything organized in one place that I can access both at home and when I am traveling.  Katey and I also interface on this site, which makes her suggesting new pieces and me purchasing them a breeze.  She adds suggested pieces into my portal, where we chat virtually about them to make a decision.  Once I purchase the item, it is moved into my online closet, and she creates styled looks with them for my reference.

I have also shopped with Katey in person and find that so enjoyable.  That is saying something because I truly don’t enjoy shopping!  I travel all over the world for work, which creates very specific wardrobe needs.  Recently, Katey and I went shopping for some specific trips I have coming up.  I was able to purchase some really great items for those upcoming trips…  Which is going to make packing and dressing for my busy days abroad so much more seamless!


How does working with Effortless Style add value to you?

Katey understands what I need. I am a travel advisor that travels around the world often.  Because of that, I have different style needs.  She is great at knowing where to shop and for what.  She will load suggested items into my portal when she comes across them, and I can purchase when it’s convenient for me.  When we shop in person, she goes ahead of me and has items pulled for me to try on, which is a huge time saver.

Katey is wonderful at helping me understand how to use each piece in multiple ways. This is especially helpful on a trip, when I need to be cognizant of packing efficiently. Working with Katey always sets me at ease when I know I have an upcoming trip. She takes the stress out of planning my wardrobe for work outings and travel.

Katey is so efficient with my time. I love how we go into a store, and we work hard and fast. I also love what she did with my current closet. She put countless fabulous outfits together for me, and I love referring back to those pictures when I am getting ready to go out.  She also understands what I like to spend on clothing and is very respectful of my budget.  After working together a very short time, we completely understood each other… It has been a huge service for me.

I also love following Effortless Style on social media and reading your blog posts!  I love seeing the seasonal outfits and sometimes purchase those items as well to add into the rotation!


Life can be crazy as a working mom.  How was Effortless Style helped you in your work and personal life?

I work full time and travel a lot for work, and my husband travels often as well!  We also have two teens in the house.  So needless to say, life is crazy busy and lots of fun!  Having Effortless Style has been a huge help because I am so limited on time.  Not to mention, I really don’t like to shop. It is frustrating to me to try clothes on that don’t fit correctly. Having a stylist has changed how I shop. Katey knows my style and always finds clothes that will fit my body type.  And the best thing…  She makes me feel good about how I look!


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