Coming Out of Covid Package

A New Effortless Style Package Coming Out of Covid Package

As the world reopens, we are loving every moment of seeing our clients in person again!  It is SO refreshing to see the faces of those we know and love again…. And so fun to be meeting so many new ones as well.  It brings us such joy to be helping our clients head back into the office feeling confident and prepared….  To be shopping and packing for clients that have long awaited special trips with those they love coming up….  And to be styling clients that are attending fun events to celebrate life’s big milestones again .  We love our jobs, and just could not be more thrilled to be back at it, in person and full time.


A New Package – Coming Out of Covid Package

Effortless Style's New Coming Out of Covid Package


In celebration, we are offering a brand new discounted package through the month of July.  Our Coming Out Of COVID package is meant to assist clients in their return to “normal” life, whether that be work, travel for business and pleasure, events, or simply running around town living life again.  The package encompasses each of our main services – the closet audit, personal shopping, and styling.  The discounted package includes: 

  • A mini closet audit to assess the current season’s pieces (up to 1.5 hours)
  • 2 hours of personal shopping
  • A styling session resulting in 25 – 30 complete looks loaded into your personalized online lookbook


For more information or to purchase this package, click here!


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