Is Virtual Styling Right for You?

Is Virtual Styling Right for You?

In March of this year, we launched a brand new service….our Virtual Styling Subscription. This service keeps us right at your fingertips throughout the year! And provides a lookbook full of outfits tailored to your taste, size, climate and personal preferences.

Is Virtual Styling Right for You?

Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of Pinterest trying to get inspired for a new look? Perhaps you find the perfect jeans-and-tee combo only to realize it was from a blog in 2013. The shirt is discontinued, and you’re out of luck finding the brand of jeans. Sure, you’re inspired, but you’ve also wasted an hour and are no closer to nabbing the look! If this is you, say hello to our new Virtual Styling Subscription! We eliminate the hours you would spend scouring online for the perfect look by using our online styling tool. We pair custom looks selected just for you, and we ensure they are available from our favorite retailers.


What’s the Deal with Virtual Styling?

When clients sign up for our online styling subscription, we select 8–10 looks each season for you to review and purchase based on your needs — from travel, to events, to critical work engagements. These are mix-and-match pieces designed to get the most out of your investment. We then build on your wardrobe each season, helping to add key pieces that will make the most of your investment. It’s a virtual closet shared by you and one of our stylists!

Effortless Style Virtual Styling Subscription Preview

Getting together in person isn’t always possible, but that shouldn’t limit your ability to get expert input from our Effortless Style Team on your wardrobe. This service is perfect for busy clients looking to stay fresh each season, have pieces selected based on specific needs and events, and who want the flexibility to review, adjust, and collaborate along the way!

For more info, visit our Virtual Styling Subscription page on our website or send us a message today and one of our stylists will follow up with you to discuss in more detail.


What Some of our Virtual Styling Subscription Clients are Saying…..

Check out the below for some great feedback we’ve been receiving from our styling subscription clients, and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you or even if we can just answer some questions you may have!


“You have great taste. I really love what you found and how you put things together! Super excited to work with you!”


“Thank you so much! I am loving the items you found for me and all of the looks you put together! And I’ve been enjoying my other new things from last month! Thank you so much for helping me!”


“I just got back from Dallas and loved having all my new things from my first three outfits to wear! I love the new ones you sent, and my husband has even complimented my new outfits too!”


“OMG!!! Just took a quick peek and I love, love what you found and how you put it all together! You did such a great job!”


Photos by Lindsay Cottrill of LTL Photography

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