Jeans and Sweater Weather, Yes Please!

Jeans and Sweater Weather, Yes Please!

Jeans and Sweater Weather Outfit

Sweater Weather Outfit

Jeans and Sweater Look

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Jeans and Sweater Weather

Okay gang….we’ve been waiting so patiently for that time of year to come! Yes, we are talking about jeans and sweater weather season. Some of us may or may not have already donned some of these, am I right? Those semi-cold mornings are such a tease! They have tempted us to put on our cold weather duds and then we have had to suffer the excruciating heat in the afternoon. But now it is upon us. And I believe it is safe to say that we can at the very least move those fabulous pieces to the front of our closets. We love a good jeans and sweater look! It works for weekdays, weekends, casual evenings…you name it. It’s cool, it’s comfortable but it is not lacking in style.

Getting a really good quality sweater (which does not have to mean expensive ladies) is a great investment. We especially love this one that our stylist Katie Rushton is wearing. It is breathable enough to keep you comfortable if it’s not quite “cold” yet but heavy enough to keep you warm when that crisp air hits.

Pair that sweater with your favorite pair of jeans. The cropped jeans are really in this year and great for that time of transition as well. You can get some great distressed ones or just a regular pair will do as well. This season is telling us that both are good to go!

To top off a basic jeans and sweater look, add in some fun accessories. Katie’s metallic slip on sneakers work great with this look and are a fun shoe to add style to everyday casual looks. Also, can we talk about the rich look of the deep brown handmade leather tote or clutch with it? Gorgeous!! And the tortoise sunglasses are just so dang fun….all of those added accessories really pull the outfit together and make it look well thought out!


Images by Lindsay Cottrill of LTL Photography

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