Returning to Travel…

Returning to Travel What to Wear to the airport Casual Dress & Jacket

Thankfully, many are returning to travel as the world starts to slowly get back to “normal.”  It has been so exciting to hear from clients needing help shopping and packing for trips, both for work and pleasure…  Helping a client prepare for an exciting trip is one of our favorite things to do as stylists. 

A few of us on the Effortless Style team have recently made our first airport trips in over a year.  And we’ve been laughing and swapping stories about how out of practice we are when it comes to airport travel!  We thought we would share a few of our favorite tips and tricks for airplane travel with you guys.  Things we’ve had to remind ourselves of with our recent trips.  And we also wanted to share a few fun looks for those long days trekking through airports.


Returning to Travel + What to Wear

I’m always cold on airplanes, so I typically prefer to wear jeans or a long dress, even if I am headed somewhere warm.  And I always travel with a jacket of some kind to stay warm on the plane.  The jacket is strictly a comfy throw-on piece to keep me warm while in the air.  But it does usually come in handy for chilly hotel rooms or breezy dinners on the water during my trip.  And don’t forget to wear shoes to the airport that come on and off easily for going through security.  Although an exciting update that we recently discovered is that some airports are not requiring that anymore!

Returning to Travel What to Wear to the airport Casual Jeans Look

Slouchy Jacket | Also Available Here | Also Available Here | Striped Tank Top | High-Rise Distressed Straight Crop Jeans | Brown Flat Sandals | Gold Wide Hoop Earrings


Airport Look Travel Ready Outfit Comfy Dress and Denim Jacket Look

Oversized Denim Jacket | Minimalist Jersey Dress (Regular & Plus Size) | Slip-On Sneakers | Panama Hat | Silver Hoops



Tips from Katey Preston + What to Wear

In general, I like to feel more put together than just a t-shirt and jeans when traveling to see family or friends – especially in the event we head straight to a restaurant for lunch or dinner once we land.  When headed to the beach, I always like to keep my swimsuit close in my carry on – that way, if my luggage gets lost, or my room isn’t ready, I can quickly change and still decompress poolside or with my toes in the sand!  Bringing a sarong on the plane serves two purposes: it is perfect to cover my shoulders or legs for added warmth, and it doubles as a coverup when I land and head straight to the beach! 

Lastly, a note on water….  Most airports now have water bottle filling stations.  I like to pack my empty water bottle in my carry on and fill it at one of the stations before boarding the plane.  This saves money on buying overpriced bottles of water at the airport.  And it’s so handy to have it with you all day!

How to Dress for airport travel days Cute tank and jeans look to fly

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