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Standout Coat for Fall

Mustard Coat Perfect Layering Piece for Fall

Mustard Color Standout Coat on Stylist Emily Goodin

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Standout Coats

This is the time of the year when you can let your boots and coats be the star of the show! Here, in middle TN, we don’t experience extreme’s in weather. However, many of us still wimp out to winter cold, full confession. But seriously though, when it’s cold, we bundle up and cover ourselves with items that keep us warm. This makes sense, right? But, too often, outerwear is chosen without a ton of emphasis on style. If you are like me and are always cold…sometimes I go out and never take my coat off. Enter the standout coat! On those days, you really have an opportunity to still be warm AND the fashionista you are!

Local rockstar stylist Emily Goodin is shown here strutting her stuff in this ah…mah…zing mustard coat. This one of a kind, standout coat is not just beautiful in color. It’s fitted and structured enough to wear for your more conservative places such as the office, business lunches, etc. However, a standout coat like this is also a great piece to throw on for a night on the town as well.

Emily has paired this coat with a fun teal floral dress. Teal is really the color pop sensation this season! And, it works nicely with the mustard coat. Mustard is the new black as it really goes with everything. And, the great thing is, that you could be wearing a dress or jeans, and this statement coat would still work. Especially when you add some amazing over the knee suede boots like Emily has done.

I love how the boot and coat come together really making the outfit here. Truly, you could be wearing pajamas underneath this ensemble and still look sharp! In case you are more inclined to take your coat off, stay tuned. We will have more posts on great items to wear throughout the season, under coats, and with boots that take layering up a notch!



Images by Tausha Dickinson

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