Stylist Series: Murfreesboro-Based Stylist Jenny Grubb

Stylist Series: Murfreesboro-Based Stylist Jenny Grubb

Stylist Series: Murfreesboro-Based Stylist Jenny Grubb

We were thrilled to welcome Murfreesboro-Based Stylist Jenny Grubb last year as the newest member of our team, and she has wasted no time filling her books with clients! Jenny is a wife and a mom to one beautiful daughter. She earned her Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles degree from the University of Kentucky and is an avid SEC sports fan! Jenny calls Murfreesboro home, and while the majority of her client base is there, she also travels to clients in the Nashville area and in her native, Kentucky. 


Q&A With Our Murfreesboro-Based Stylist Jenny Grubb

Q: Jenny, what year did you join Effortless Style?

J: I joined this amazing team of women in 2019…. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The ten years previous to that, I had been a stay at home mom who loved to help my family and friends with styling (and even home decor). And I was ready to do more! The more I learned about Effortless Style and their mission, the more I knew I belonged there. It has been so gratifying to help and empower women to be the best version of themselves.  

Nashville Personal Stylist Jenny Grubb

Q: It’s not only a new year, but a new decade.  Share with us your goals as we enter 2020.

J: WOW! Not even sure where to start with this. I want to continue to be a source of knowledge for fashion and trends. And I want to continue to learn more these passions of mine each and every day.  

Q: What is your favorite service that Effortless Style offers?

J: That’s a hard question because of course I find value in all of our services. Personally, I feel best after a closet audit. To me, getting dressed is more efficient and fun when I keep my closet “cleaned out” and organized. The older I get, the more I have begun to value quality over quantity, so I love to take some time periodically to reassess my closet from that perspective. I love to help my clients to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling that comes with a disorganized or overcrowded space – and instead create the feeling that they are “shopping” in their own closet!

I also enjoy working with clients near and far through our virtual styling subscription – one of the things I love most is sourcing things from all over from my clients, and the subscription service we offer is a great way to be able to take advantage of that!  

Nashville Wardrobe Stylist Jenny Grubb

Q: What is your most favorite thing about being a stylist?

J: My favorite part hands down is getting to know my clients and helping them find their own unique style. The way you dress is truly an outward expression of your inner self!  

Q: Who has been the biggest style influence in your life?

J: The biggest style influence in my life would definitely be my Mom. I can remember watching her get ready as a little girl in awe, and I can still hear her tell me not to leave the house without my lips {lipstick}!


Leather Jumpsuit Look

Q: Where do you most like to shop for yourself?

J: I adore mixing classic pieces with stand-out trendy pieces. A few of my favorites are Tuckernuck, Anthropologie, AJ’s Casuals, and Charlotte’s in Raleigh.  

Q: What is your most favorite occasion to dress for? 

J: You can ask almost anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I LOVE dresses! I just need more places to wear them! So I would have to say a cocktail event would be my favorite. 


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