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The Best Early Fall Pieces By Generation Love

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Generation Love is a really fun brand that makes on trend, bold pieces.  They are beautiful investment and statement pieces.  We want to share a little bit about this brand with you guys today, as well as show you the best early fall pieces by Generation Love!


The Best Early Fall Pieces By Generation Love

“Generation Love was born out of a fierce desire to create clothes that make women feel unapologetically powerful and confident in their skin.”

We love this company’s mission, which you can just see spoken through their pieces.  Chic and edgy is the name of the game with Generation Love clothing.  You can read more about the brand’s mission and niche here.

Generation Love is a brand that we first started noticing in some of our favorite boutiques around Nashville.  We LOVE to shop local as much as possible, but also know that isn’t always possible for all of our clients.  That is why we are glad that we can find this fabulous brand online at Saks, Bloomies, Revolve, and of course the Generation Love website.


Some Fabulous Generation Love Blazers

We want to share some of the best fall pieces at Generation Love with you today.  Let’s start with one of our favorite closet staples – the blazer.  There is no shortage of gorgeous blazers by this brand.  It is one of their specialities.  And though you absolutely do not have to spend a lot on a blazer, sometimes, it is just worth it.  This collection of blazers fall into that category.  They all sit in the $300-$400 price range but look MUCH more expensive than that.  Keep in mind that for each of the styles we have shown below, there are multiple colorways available in that style!  As a sidenote, if you want some inspiration on styling blazers, check out our recent blog post on that very topic.

First, let’s chat color.  Bright colors are HUGE this fall.  Especially hot pink and kelly green.  We love the silhouette on both of these blazers, and of course the color is on point.  How can you NOT have a good day when you are wearing one of these pieces?

Single Button Crepe Blazer | Double Breasted Crepe Blazer


A Stunning Tweed Blazer By GL

We also adore Generation Love’s tweed blazer line.  This green one with gold metallic threading is our favorite though.  It is absolutely stunning…  a total showstopper.

The Best Early Fall Pieces By Generation Love tweed double breasted blazer green tweed blazer for fall how to wear metallic during the day how to dress a blazer down with jeans

Tweed Double Breasted Blazer


This is definitely a dressy blazer.  But remember, you aren’t limited to wearing this type of piece for dressy occasions only.  It is so important that we enjoy our special pieces as much as possible!  There really is no sense in letting a piece like this sit around in a closet waiting for that once in a blue moon wearing.  Throw it on with a scoopneck tee shirt or a camisole, jeans, and a flat mule for a really fun everyday look like SEB has done here!

tweed double breasted blazer and jeans how to wear a dressy blazer with jeans Nashville personal stylists share how to wear a blazer with jeans how to wear a blazer with flats

Tweed Double Breasted Blazer And Jeans


Two More GL Blazers

And now for two blazers that are a little less traditional and a little more on the edgy side.  You guys know that we love a good faux leather blazer.  GL’s version is SO good.  And how about this sequin blazer?  Of course, this sequin blazer would be fantastic around the holidays.  Can you imagine it paired with white/off white jeans or pants and some fabulous gold heels?  What a beautiful monochromatic look that would make for a holiday party.  But it doesn’t have to be December to wear sequins (more on this below).  In fact, sequin blazers are a big trend for the fall season!  You can wear this piece now with a pair of cutoffs or shorts for lunch with the girls, or jeans and heels for date night or girls’ night out.

Vegan Leather Blazer | Sequin Blazer


How To Wear Sequins This Fall

Generation Love doesn’t just do blazers of course.  We love so many of their things, from tee shirts to sequin dresses, and everything in between.  We want to share some fun “special” pieces with you guys today.  Because Generation Love can be on the pricey side of things, we love the idea of focusing on pieces that really pack a big punch.

Earlier, we mentioned we are seeing lots of sequins this fall.  Guys, sequins are no longer just for nighttime.  Sequin blazers, shorts, and tee shirts are definitely on trend.  GL has a really fabulous sequin tee shirt right now.  It isn’t too sparkly or shiny, so it is equally perfect for day- and nighttime wear.  How cute would this sequin tee shirt in white be with a simple pair of shorts, cutoffs, or jeans be?  Pair with some fun sneakers or a great pair of mules to add some sass to your busy day of running around.  And this sequin puff sleeve top that comes in black and navy is a bit dressier.  But would still be fun with jeans and flats for a fun lunch out, or with jeans and heels for dinner out…..

Sequin Tee Shirt | Sequin Puff Sleeve Top (Navy) | Sequin Puff Sleeve Top (Black)


And these sequin shorts…  Sigh!!  Love the idea of them with a simple white tee shirt and some fun mules…  And with a satin camisole and heels.  And of course with the sequin blazer above for a whole party power ensemble.  There are SO many ways to wear a piece like this.

sequin shorts how to wear sequin shorts with sneakers how to wear sequin shorts during the day how to dress sequin shorts up Nashville stylists talk about wearing sequin shorts personal stylist tips for wearing sequin shorts

Sequin Shorts


Two Generation Love Jackets We Are Eyeing

Admittedly, it feels early to be thinking about jackets for winter.  But, as we were researching GL’s fall line, we couldn’t help but be really impressed by both of these coats.   Love the reversible faux leather jacket for day- and nighttime wear.  It is really pretty and most likely super soft and comfy too!  And because it is reversible, you get two coats in one.  We love the stone color in particular, but the black is great too!  Of course, a faux fur bomber is fun to have for nights out in the winter.  We really like the silhouette on this one!

Reversible Faux Leather Jacket | Faux Fur And Suede Bomber


A Few More Fun Generation Love Pieces

We know this is a long blog post, but we do want to show you a few more of the best early fall pieces by Generation Love! We are seeing faux leather everywhere this fall.  You name it and they have it – skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, and even blouses….  We showed the faux leather blazer above.  We also really like both of these pieces if you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate this trend into your fall closet!

Satin And Faux Leather Dress | Faux Leather Pencil Skirt


Last but NOT LEAST, you guys know we love a sweater midi dress for fall and winter.  This one is perfection!

rib knit midi dress how to wear a midi dress Nashville stylists talk favorite midi dresses versatile black dress

Rib Knit Midi Dress




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