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Tips For Transitioning Your Closet To Winter

How to Transition Your Closet for Early Winter Things to Put Away Things to Pull out for Winter


Do you have your closet ready for winter?  January is here, and that means that winter is officially in full swing here in the Southeast.  We thought we would help you guys out by sharing some tips for transitioning your closet to winter.  And of course, if you are interested in a closet audit to *fully* transition your closet for winter and have one of our stylists’ assess your winter wardrobe, we would love the opportunity to work with you!


Tips For Transitioning Your Closet To Winter

Here in the Southeast, transitioning our closets for winter can feel a little confusing.  That is because one week it is 20 degrees, and the next it is 65!  We have been experiencing some pretty big swings in temperatures for sure.  But, there are certain pieces that really do need to be put away regardless of the weather we are having.  Keep reading to hear some of our best tips for transitioning your closet to winter!


Things to Put Away

  • Store away your open-toed shoes until spring.  The exception here are dressy sandals for special events, date night, and girls night out, which are of course fair game year round.
  • Store away shoes that leave a large part of your foot exposed.  Mules are good for winter, but make sure if your shoe is backless, the top of your foot is mostly covered.
  • Put away the majority of your shorts. Faux leather shorts are acceptable for winter because the material is seasonally appropriate.  You can wear those with tights and booties and a sweater or blouse.  Or even with bare legs on an unseasonably day.  If you have a beach trip planned this winter, we still encourage you to store your shorts away somewhere accessible so that your closet isn’t cluttered with things you don’t wear on the regular.
  • Put away any tops that are too thin, don’t layer well, or are too summery in color.  There are a few colors that we typically associate with summer that are trending big this winter, such as hot pink and bright blue.  So you can keep those in play, as long as they are seasonly appropriate in material and silhouette.  Think sweaters, heavier fabrics, long sleeves, etc.  Definitely store any brightly colored floral or tropical prints away for a few months.
  • Put away any accessory that has a “summery vibe.”  When assessing your handbags, scarves, shoes, and belts, steer away from lightweight materials such as gauze or linen, straw, pastels, and lightly hued leathers, and gravitate towards heavier fabrics and richer tones.


Tips For Transitioning Your Closet To Winter How to Transition Your Closet for Early Winter Things to Put Away Things to Pull out for Winter


Items To Review

  • Take a good look at your winter coats. Try each coat on to see if it still fits and isn’t outdated or worn out.  And look for what “holes” you might have in your coat wardrobe.  Do this step ASAP, as there are countless good deals to be had on winter coats right now!
  • Check in on your winter accessories. Hats, gloves, scarves, and boot socks come to mind as things we put away and forget we even have. Lay them all out on your bed. Ensure nothing is missing a match or needs to be tossed. And check that your accessory options color coordinate nicely with your coats! 
  • Put away your holiday attire until next year.  You know what we are referring to! Those special pieces you pull out each year for December and New Year’s Eve.  Sparkles…sequins….that special red sweater or tartan scarf you look forward to wearing each holiday season.  Go ahead and examine those pieces for stains, pills, holes, etc.  There is no sense storing away pieces that need to go.  Similarly, asses each holiday piece to determine if you want to keep it.  Ask yourself…  Did I wear it this season?  Does it still fit me?  Do I love it enough to hold onto it until next year?
  • Assess your wardrobe as it relates to casual and outdoorsy activities in cold weather.  Make sure you have a good mixture of fun, casual jeans and sweaters, joggers, boots, warm socks, and good looking exercise clothing for your outdoor activities.

Winter Items to Pull Out

  • It is time to get out all the fun seasonal fabrics that you haven’t yet pulled out. Think cashmere, suede, fur, leather, tweed, and flannel.
  • Pull out your heavy sweaters and turtlenecks. It has been relatively mild so far this winter in Tennessee….  Well other than that crazy polar vortex we had around Christmas!  But, we will still need to have our heavy sweaters, turtlenecks, etc. easily accessible for those frigid days that present themselves.
  • It is tall boot, rain boot, snow boot, all the boots season for sure! Get them all out and enjoy!
  • Blanket scarves are the name of the winter game, especially in the Southeast. They are the perfect layering piece for the season! Warm and cozy for chilly mornings and evenings, and can be shed mid-day if warm enough! So, go ahead and pull those out and enjoy!

Getting your Closet ready for the Winter Months Things to Put Away Things to Pull out for Winter


If you are wanting some help with this process, we would love to help!  Reach out to us, and we can chat about how we can help you prep your closet for the season.


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