What is a Styling Session?

Effortless Style Stying Sessions

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing that you just absolutely love? But never wear because you don’t know what to wear it with? Do you have those couple of outfits you wear over and over? And even though you know they are fabulous, wish you could mix it up a bit? Or maybe you struggle with how to put the finishing touches on those looks you love with the “right” accessories?

This is where our styling sessions come in. It is truly amazing to get a fresh set of eyes on your closet! Essentially, it’s like shopping in your own closet!

What is a Styling Session? Make the most of your existing wardrobe



What is a Styling Session?

Our styling sessions can be purchased as part of a package with a closet audit and/or shopping. But they can also be purchased as a standalone service. These sessions are designed to utilize staples in your existing wardrobe to update your look by mixing and matching unexpected pieces together. As we do this, we sometimes offer recommendations for new pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe as well! For your session, we will travel to you to work with the pieces in your closet to create new complete looks. We photograph the looks and load them into your personalized online lookbook. That way, you can easily reference them when getting dressed for work, play and all the things in between!



Effortless Style Personalized Virtual Closet

In our virtual closet tool, there are three tabs that enable us to virtually interact with you on an ongoing basis after our in person meeting(s) with you – CLOSET, LOOKBOOK, and FINDS. In the CLOSET tab, we create a catalog of your closet by loading photos of each individual article of clothing or accessory. Whether they are pieces you already own or that you have purchased with us, we can add them in there.

This is an easy place for both you and your stylist to see each piece in your closet sorted by type (e.g. top, bottom, dress, shoe, etc). This functionality also makes it easy for our stylists to work with you virtually in the future. She can easily hop on to put together fresh looks for upcoming events and the current season. After working with us in person to get their closet “up to date” many of our clients love to work with us on an ongoing basis through our virtual closet app as they continue to hone their closets and looks! 

Effortless Style Personalized Online Lookbook Client Styling Session

Effortless Style Personalized Online Closet Tool


Effortless Style Personalized Online Lookbook Client Online Closet


Effortless Style Personalized Online Lookbook Client Online Closet



Styling Session Virtual Lookbook

In the LOOKBOOK tab, we load all of your complete styled looks, organized by season and/or use. One of the things we love most about this section is that we can cater how it is organized to each individual client’s preferences. Some examples of lookbook categories in this particular client’s account cover everything from looks for work for early spring, to casual daytime looks for summer, and looks for date nights on an upcoming trip to Mexico.

This client also likes to have sections in her lookbook specific to a trend or central piece to her wardrobe. For example: styling animal print, a corduroy blazer, and joggers. We will ensure that your personalized lookbook is organized in a way that works best for your needs. You will love accessing it each day! Pull it up as you are dressing for work, a date night, a special event or even when packing for a trip!

Personalized Online Lookbook for Client Styling Sessions

Online Lookbook Overview


Personalized Online Lookbook for Client Styling Sessions

Client Early Spring Looks in Lookbook


Personalized Online Lookbook for Client Styling Sessions

Client Cabo Date Night Looks in Lookbook



Personalized Stylist Finds

Lastly, the FINDS tab is where we house the new pieces that we suggest you purchase. We organize this tab by categories specific to what we are working with you to achieve. This particular client’s FINDS tab includes sections such as spring jackets, casual waterproof booties and fun random finds for her trip to Cabo. In this section, we post options for pieces we suggest adding to your closet with easy links to purchase online. This section is where we typically interface back and forth with you. We make notes on why we think a particular piece makes sense to purchase. You can ask questions on color, sizing, etc. and offer feedback on why you like or don’t like the piece. And you can also let us know if you purchased the piece (at which point we move it your CLOSET tab).

Effortless Style Client Virtual Closet Personalized Stylist Finds

Client Finds Overview


Effortless Style Client Virtual Closet Personalized Stylist Finds

Spring Dresses Section


Effortless Style Client Virtual Closet Personalized Stylist Finds

Spring Bottoms Section



What Our Styling Session Clients are Saying….

We would love to work with you to style some fresh, fun new looks for your spring and summer wardrobe! Whether you want to do the whole kit and caboodle and clean out your closet, shop, and style, or just want to style some new looks put together from your current wardrobe, we are here to help! Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our styling services…


“When it is time to get dressed for the day, I love pulling up my looks that Katey put together for me in my online closet.  Katey is fabulous with creating outfits around specific needs and events, and she is also so helpful when I have an item in my closet that I do not know what to do with.”


“Absolutely loved working with Katie!  She went through my closet and helped me part with clothes I needed to get rid of, helped me put together outfits from what I have, and showed me how to style them!”


“I used Katey’s services and was just thrilled with her suggestions and the way she put everything together.  I love the personal app she puts together for you that contains all of your complete looks.  It makes it easy to remember the looks, but also to get ideas for interchanging pieces!”


 “Thank you so much, Emily.  I wore the blue outfit to dinner last night…. And my husband complimented me, and he never does that!  Thank you for making me look – and feel – great!”


“Emily has been awesome in helping this poor guy to be able to match and look great doing it!”


“I was looking to learn how to put things together in ways that would elevate my current style.  Jenny was so friendly and open – no question seemed silly, and I still feel that when I need some fashion help, she is just a text away.”


For more client reviews check out our Facebook page! To schedule a Styling Session or other appointment with one of our stylists, send us a message via our online contact form.

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