Winter Outerwear (Part Two)

Winter Outerwear Classic Wrap Coat

Ok….we are serious this time! Winter is really in full swing! The winter temperatures have finally arrived here in Middle Tennessee, and I can’t decide if I’m excited about it or not. Cold weather isn’t really my thing, but fall and winter are my two favorite seasons to dress for. And, full disclosure, I kind of have an addiction to winter outerwear. But, in all honesty, can one really have too many coats?

Ok. Ok. So maybe one can, especially if you live in the south, and winter weather isn’t anything like it is in Chicago or New York. Oh well. I do still love it and I really love finding new coats for clients this time of year. Last week, we shared some of our favorite casual coats with you guys. Today we are sharing a few of our favorite more dressy coats. Admittedly, we as a whole don’t dress up as much as we used to, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all have a beautiful dress coat in our closet. We usually recommend that our clients have at least one good dress coat to pull for events and special occasions when they arise.


Winter Outerwear

Winter Outerwear Faux Fur Coat

Nashville Stylist Jenny Grubb Faux Fur Jacket Outfit

Similar Faux Fur Coat | Similar Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur is on point and rather trendy this season, but the truth is, fur coats have been around forever and will continue to be!  That’s why a coat like Jenny’s is a great investment piece to have in your closet to call on year over year for your special occasions. And honestly, we recommend that our clients wear their faux fur with their jeans too. You have to wear a beauty like this whenever you can! We love that Jenny chose a neutral color for her faux fur coat because it will pair beautifully with all color tones in her closet. The fringe detail at the bottom of this coat adds unexpected interest and dimension to an otherwise classic coat. The length is nice too – it’s perfect for knee length dresses, skirts, and even dress pants like the leather pants Jenny is wearing here. As a sidenote, you can check out our recent blog post on Jenny’s entire look here.  




Nashville Stylist Emily Goodin Red Coat Outfit

Double Breasted Coat


Double Breasted Swing Coat

A double breasted coat is of course a wonderful option for your dress closet. Classic, iconic, and well just so “Jackie O”, this style of coat is sophisticated and chic. The red coat that Emily is wearing is stunning. We love the slightly puffed sleeves, gold buttons, and slight A-line detailing. And of course, the coat in apple red is simply put, a showstopper. Of course, you don’t have to go bold on color if that simply isn’t your thing! A double breasted coat in black or winter white would be versatile across the pieces in your dress closet. That said, if you are one that wears mostly black for dressy events, OR if you are a coat collector, a red dress coat is a fabulous statement piece and worth considering for sure!



Winter Outerwear Classic Wrap Coat

Nashville Stylist Katey Preston Wrap Coat Outfit

Similar Wrap Coat


Classic Wrap Coat

Yet another iconic style, the wrap coat! Simplistically beautiful, a wrap coat delivers you to your destinations in the Winter months both in style AND warmth! Katey’s light grey swing coat goes to work across all color ways in your closet of dress clothes. We love the particular length of this coat because it pairs nicely with a variety of pieces, including a short dress or skirt, slacks, and even a midi skirt. The collar detail makes those statement earrings Katey is known for pop, and the toggle clasp adds another layer of interest at the neckline.

Thanks for reading. Now it’s time to check out all of those sales on outerwear happening as we speak! If you would like help picking out a new coat or two, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!



Images by Lindsay Cottrill of LTL Photography

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