Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Denver Wilson of Dsquared

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WE LOVE Denver Wilson of DSquared Nashville

For this month’s edition of our Women Entrepreneurs We Love series, we chatted with Denver Wilson.  Denver is the store manager and buyer for Dsquared, one of our favorite Nashville boutiques.  We are so excited to introduce you guys to Denver and give you a chance to get to know her.  And get to know a little more about her boutique here in Nashville!



Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Denver Wilson of Dsquared

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WE LOVE Denver Wilson of DSquared Nashville

Tell us about Dsquared.

Dsquared is a contemporary women’s boutique located in Green Hills on the back side of Grace’s plaza.  When we opened the Nashville location in October of 2018, our goal was to bring a sense of great style and different looks to the Nashville area, while still having reasonable prices for all ages.  I am the manager and buyer of this location and will be the Franchise Owner within the next year or so!


What inspired you to take this path?

I have always loved fashion and helping style people.  I also live for meeting new people and connecting with new customers who come in to shop, whether they be local or traveling to Nashville from all over the United States.  There are always new adventures and connections throughout each day, which makes my job SO fun!


What is your favorite part of doing what you do?

I love making people happy!  It brings a smile to my face when my customers come in knowing exactly what they are looking for, try it on, and love it!  I love helping parents pick out surprises for their kids and helping customers find that perfect something.  And I love hearing how happy people are with our range of prices at this location, because one of my goals as buyer to is create a boutique where all ages can come in to shop!


How do you balance work and personal life as a business owner?

I will say that I am a workaholic because I absolutely love what I do, but I definitely do make time away from the store to get drinks or dinner with my boyfriend and friends after I close the store for the evening or on the weekends when I am not working.  It is all very easy to balance because a lot of my customers are now my friends, so it’s like I am not really working, but more just hanging out and helping them!


Because most of our readers who follow us are interested in fashion, what’s one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?  

I absolutely cannot live with my Koch Erica skirt and Golden Gooses!  I wear both of these pieces throughout each season, and they are just such great staples to have in your closet!


Where is your favorite place to shop, besides your store of course? 

I love Paper Source, White’s Mercantile, and Hemline!


What is one thing your customers might not know about you? 

One funny thing is that I actually have never been to Denver, even though it’s my first name!  I was named after my grandfather, which my parents planned on whether I was a boy or a girl when I was born.


Be sure to check out DSquared on Instagram (d2clothingnashville).  You can shop Denver’s boutique directly through Instagram and phone orders if you aren’t local!

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