Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Tammie Osborne

Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Tammie Osborne work space in Nashville area The Sapphire Suite

Through various local networking groups, we have had the privilege of getting to know Tammie Osborne, founder and owner of The Sapphire Suite in Franklin, TN.  The Sapphire Suite provides busy women a place to work, relax, and exhale in a luxurious and sophisticated space in Cool Springs.  We ourselves have held several client fittings and team meetings in this space and can speak to just how fabulous it is.  Let’s take a few minutes and get to know one of the women entrepreneurs we love ~ Tammie Osborne!

Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Tammie Osborne work space in Nashville area remote working space in Franklin TN work space for women


Women Entrepreneurs We Love ~ Tammie Osborne


Tammie, tell us about your business.

I traveled for years as a Healthcare IT Executive Consultant.  COVID changed this work model to one of trying to lead large organizations through significant change via technology initiatives – remotely.  And because my entire family now works from home, I was personally finding it increasingly difficult to be efficient and effective at my work.  This got me thinking that other small and solo business owners without a brick and mortar must be experiencing the same challenges!  A random post on my Instagram feed about a woman’s co-working space prompted me to explore the idea.  I connected with that owner and after visiting her space, knew that it was exactly what I needed for this phase of my consulting career….  And what so many of the women in Williamson County may also need!

After 1.5 years of planning, designing, and building, I opened The Sapphire Suite in late June of 2022.  My goal with our space was to create a place where women would feel welcome and have the comfort of working from home – BUT without all of the distractions.  I decided to also provide various concierge services that would reduce their stress and increase efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day lives.

The Sapphire Suite work space in Nashville area remote working space in Franklin TN


We know that a lot of thought went into the name of your business.  What is the significance of its’ name?

Initially, I considered naming the business Diana‘s Place.  Princess Diana is one of the most iconic women of my time.  She represents a wife, mother, philanthropist, community leader, businesswoman, and later a divorcee and single mom…  And someone that handled life with grace and dignity.  We all associate her with her infamous sapphire jewelry, which also happens to be my favorite stone.  The significance of the sapphire stone – wisdom, loyalty, abundance, intuition, and trustworthiness – are characteristics associated with the kind of woman that I wanted to create a space for to grow, thrive, and at times just exhale in….  And that is how the name The Sapphire Suite came to be!


What is your favorite part of doing what you do? 

I love watching so many amazing women of Williamson County step out to pursue their purpose.  It is so rewarding to provide them with a space and platform where they feel supported and brave enough to do that.  I love to watch women of all seasons of life lift each other up…  And to support them along the way to succeed is extremely rewarding.


How do you balance work and personal life as a business owner? 

Finding balance is tricky right now.  I continue to serve as CEO of my Healthcare IT Consulting firm.  I am very committed to giving The Sapphire Suite a strong and successful start.  So, I could honestly use a few more hours in the day!  I am beyond blessed to have supportive family and friends that help make this possible….  Especially my husband Rene’ of 32 years and my kids, Jordan aka Ladybug (age 20, Down Syndrome), Anna (age 18, sophomore at UTK), and Caleb (age 17, senior at Page High School)!


What are your long term goals for this business? 

I want The Sapphire Suite to be known as the hub in Williamson County for women and small business owners to meet and host friends and family members…  And to make business connections along the way!


And now to make it a little fun!  Because most of our readers who follow us are interested in fashion…  What’s one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?  

Clothing/fashion – now you’re speaking my language!  The one thing in my closet that I cannot live without is a white blazer!  Or any color for that matter.


Where is your favorite place to shop?  Who is your favorite designer?

I love to shop for all of it – shoes, handbags, and clothes.  My favorite place to shop is anywhere!  I don’t have one particular place…  If I like it and it fits my style, it doesn’t matter to me where I find it.  That said, I do like boutiques because of the uniqueness of their pieces.  My favorite designer is Antonio Melani – great sense of business style with a little bit of edge mixed in!


What is one thing your followers might not know about you?

That I grew up fishing and hunting!


To learn more about The Sapphire Suite=>

Website: www.thesapphiresuite.com

IG: @thesapphiresuite

FB: @thesapphiresuitetn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thesapphiresuite/

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