Casual Easter Looks

No doubt, Easter is going to look a bit different for us all this year, so this isn’t your typical Easter dress blog post. Instead of talking about our typical Easter finery, we are getting personal with our stylists on what their Easter traditions are, how things might look different this year, and what they are planning on wearing for their revised Easter plans. We are all navigating these crazy times together, and this year casual Easter looks are on the horizon for our team. 


Casual Easter Looks

A note from Katie Rushton:

When my grandparents were still alive, Easter was always a big, fun family affair. Church with family, then lunch at my Grandparents’ house followed by an over the top Easter egg hunt….  So many great memories! 

In recent years though, Easter is quite a bit more low key for us. We usually go to church with my parents and then out to brunch somewhere fabulous! Obviously, this year is going to be even more low key. But I’m looking forward to making it our own wonderful day. I’m sure we will be watching church online that morning. And I’m hopeful that the weather will be nice, as I’m planning a small brunch with my crew on our patio. Since I’ve been living in leggings and sweats these days, I’m looking forward to taking it up a notch, but I will still be casual. I’m loving this top and think it will be the perfect piece for this year’s casual Easter festivities! 

Casual Easter Looks Eyelet Blouse and Light Denim

Eyelet Blouse | Light Wash Slim Straight Jeans | Nude Sandal


A note from Emily Goodin:

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!  When I was growing up, it was one of those special occasions that required “the perfect dress!” My mom would take me to the fabric store, and I would pick out the material and pattern to sew my dress. I remember one of my favorites was a green, floral print sheath dress. There were years where my attention span was short, so my mom would end up finishing the dress for me… like my strawberry dress, which was a white dress with poofy sleeves and little red strawberries all over it!  

I think I’ve always loved whimsical prints in fashion so I’m carrying that theme into this year’s outfit of choice. And even though this year’s Easter is going to look a little bit different (no church, no brunch get-togethers, and no Easter egg hunts), I refuse to let quarantine take away the joy of this holiday! I plan to take a walk at sunrise and do some personal worship time, watch an Easter service on TV, go on a long bike ride with my close family, and have a picnic in the park. Don’t worry, we’ll be a party of 5 with respect to social distancing! I also plan on making a few of my favorite dishes. One that is always a MUST on my Easter table is my deviled eggs. The secret ingredients: rosemary, spicy pickles, and candied bacon! Worship with gratitude, move, love, pray…keep the spirit alive for better days to come!

Spring Bunny Tee Outfit

Graphic Bunny Tee | Crop Skinny Jeans | Patchwork Sneaker | Stud Earrings


Elevated Casual Easter Looks

A note from Katie Preston:

A favorite tradition at Easter is the beloved Easter Egg hunt! We’ve always gathered with friends for numerous hunts each Easter. At church, the zoo, at a local park, at the neighborhood common area, even in back yards. This year, we plan to keep that tradition alive! Thankfully our backyard has plenty of trees and shrubs to act as good hiding spots for the kids. Even though they’re getting older, they still love the thrill of the hunt and seeing how many they can collect – some with coins inside and some candy, of course. Saying a prayer for a beautiful day so we can enjoy the day outdoors. This outfit will be the perfect “upgrade” to my recent uniform of athleisure wear – and still allow me to participate in the hunt and picnic! 

Casual Easter Looks Classic White Blouse and Wide-Leg Pants Outfit

White Blouse | Wide-Leg Pants | Neutral Sandal | Bright Pink Statement Earring


A note from Jenny Grubb:

I have always loved Easter- I think because I love the thrill of a hunt…  Especially when the end result is candy! This Easter will be so different from all of the other years, but I know it will be one we will remember for the rest of our lives. 

Growing up within a mile of my extended family certainly had its perks. Spending holidays with them was at the top of my list. Even though this year it’s just the three of us, I know we will make sweet memories and maybe even introduce a few new traditions! I look forward to a slower day with my tribe, but know I will miss my out of town family. 

Spring makes me so excited and mostly for the color palette that comes with it- pastels! This year I will be wearing a very casual outfit so I can run in the yard, jump on the trampoline, and maybe even go for a bike ride. The ruffle and eyelet detail on this beautiful lavender top is so feminine, and the wide leg white denim jeans will look great all Summer long. I have paired them with my favorite gold sandals and an adorable pair of bunny earrings. Prayers to all for health and safety. After all, we are all in this together.  

Elevated Spring Look Eyelet Puff Sleeve Top and White Wide-Leg Jeans Look

Ruffled Eyelet Pullover | White Wide-Leg Jeans | Bunny Earrings | Metallic Gold Strappy Sandals

We’d love to hear from you guys! Share your casual Easter looks with us! We are in this together! From our team to you….we hope you all have a most blessed Easter this year. Our thoughts are with each of you as we celebrate a most special holiday during these crazy times.

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