For the guys…

For the Guys Our Favorite Men's Activewear pieces

Since we are living in casual clothes right now, we have had several clients – and our husbands too – looking to upgrade their casual wear. In our searches for comfortable, good looking casual wear for the guys, we have recently come to know and love the Vuori brand – every single one of our clients have loved the pieces from this line. Vuori makes premium performance apparel for the active lifestyle. Based in Encinitas, CA, the company’s apparel is inspired by an active outdoor Coastal California lifestyle….  And though we don’t live on the water here in Tennessee, we surely have adopted more outdoor activities than ever before in the last year, which is exactly why Vuori is infiltrating the national active wear market!

We have shared Vuori joggers before, but wanted to share a few more pieces with you all that we have had success with among our guy clients.


For the guys… our favorite Vuori pieces

For the guys Vuori Ponto Pocket Performance Pants

Ponto Pocket Performance Pants

We always recommend the Ponto performance pants to our clients – comfortable and sharp, they make for great everyday wear!  Also comes in blackened green heather, charcoal grey, heather grey, and heather indigo.



Men's Activewear Vuori Ponto Shorts

Ponto Shorts

They also make a pair of shorts for the guys from this same line…. Spring is just around the corner! Also comes in heather grey and charcoal grey.



For the guys our favorite men's activewear Vuori Transit Joggers

Transit Jogger

The Transit jogger is perfect for working out and running, or just wearing of course…. The side pockets zip to make sure you don’t lose your phone along the way. Also comes in black and navy.



Our Favorite Men's Activewear Pieces Vuori Meta Commuter Pants

Meta Commuter Pants

We love to recommend the Meta Commuter pants to our clients who want to look casually put together for a lunch or a trip to the golf course. These pants walk the fine line of business casual attire and activewear. Also comes in black, charcoal grey, and olive green.



For the guys Dressier Activewear Short Vuori Aim Short

Aim Short

A dressier short, the Aim short is perfect for a dressier casual look – great for the golf course! Also comes in khaki. 



For the guys vuori Ponto Performance Crew Pullover

Ponto Performance Crew Pullover

Moisture wicking and quick drying, the Ponto Performance Crew Pullover is perfect for any outdoor activity. A great way to stay warm and dry while running outdoors on a chilly day! Also comes in black and charcoal heather.



Our favorite menswear lines Vuori Austin Long Sleeve Henley

Austin Long Sleeve Henley

The Austin henley is so sharp – another piece that looks put together but is super comfortable.  Also comes in light heather grey.



For the Guys Lightweight Layers Vuori Interval Vest

Interval Vest

A fabulous lightweight vest perfect for an added layer of warmth when enjoying outdoor activities. Layer this over either of the two tops featured above!

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