The Closet Audit

The Closet Audit service from Nashville's Effortless Style

We all look forward to a fresh start in the Spring…. The world starts to wake up from its long winter sleep. The air starts to feel a bit warmer and fresher. And the trees and flowers begin to bloom…. And we feel the urge to “spring clean!” This time of year is the perfect time to book a closet audit with one of our stylists! We love to help our clients “spring clean” their closets – a task that can seem daunting to say the least.

In a closet audit, we come to your home and sort through each and every piece of clothing in your closet with you. We’ll help you decide what to keep, tailor, toss, or donate. And we’ll help make a list of where you need to fill in gaps with new pieces.

The Closet Audit Effortless Style's closet clean-out service

Are you nervous to let someone in your closet?

“Katey was so professional during my closet audit process.  She gave me candid feedback without making me feel embarrassed about some of the things I still have in my closet.  I have a closet of clothes I actually wear now.  No more staring into the abyss wondering how I have so many clothes and nothing to wear.”

“Katey Preston came this morning for my first closet audit, and I could not be happier!  I was a bit nervous, but she eased my fears immediately, and we got started.  She is delightful, listens well, and gives ‘gentle’ suggestions.”


Do you feel like you have a closet FULL of clothes and nothing to wear?

“I’ve always been one with a tendency to look for a great deal, but the thrill of the hunt led to a closet full of nothing.  A friend had done a closet audit with Katie and suggested I give her a call.  I was intimidated for someone to see this collection I had amassed, but Katie couldn’t have been more comforting and approachable during the process.”

“I hired Jenny to audit my closet and shop for new pieces.  It is so nice to be able to go into my closet and say, ‘I got this’.”


Stylist Emily Goodin Client Closet Audit

Are you having a hard time getting rid of pieces you don’t ever even wear?

“Katie was a great choice for my closet audit.  It is such a relief that I have gotten rid of so many things I wasn’t using, kept the best of what I already had, and can start identifying my own personal style and colors that look best on me.”


Do you have pieces in your closet that you love but don’t know how to style?

“Though the initial closet review is daunting, it’s worth sweating through it to arrive at a new way of thinking about what’s in your closet!  Katey Preston helped me to plan my wardrobe for a new professional chapter in my life, and I’m delighted with the results.  We utilized existing pieces wherever possible, added a few key pieces, and removed items that I didn’t wear.

“My closet audit with Katey was much less intimidating than I was expecting.  I am wearing more things that were already in my closet now because Katey showed me how to style them with what I already have!”


The Closet Audit Service from Effortless Style

Do you need help taking the emotion out of cleaning out your closet?

“Jenny did a great job helping me clean out things I had been resistant to purging or just needed to replace.  She created a shopping list of what I needed to make getting ready every day a little more effortless.”

“I have always wanted to try a closet audit.  Katey did a great job helping me weed out some things that weren’t in style anymore, didn’t fit right, or weren’t in good shape.  She saw things that I never noticed and helped me take the emotion out of this chore.”


Interested in booking a closet audit, or have questions? Click here. Let’s get a jump start on your Spring cleaning today! And for more fun reviews from some of our clients, click here!

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