Closet Audit Season

Closet Audit Season Nashville Closet Clean-Out

The new year is upon us. This time of year is always a time when a lot of us like to hit re-start in certain areas of our lives. That re-start can mean different things to different people. However, to a lot of people starting the new year off by doing some cleaning out and de-cluttering of their homes and the intimate spaces in their homes is one of the biggest ways that they like to jump start the new year. That is where our Effortless Style Closet Audit can come into play!

January is the one of the most popular times of the year for our closet audit service. In fact, our team often refers to this time of year as ‘Closet Audit Season.’ If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about and/or if you are having a hard time imaging what a closet audit would look like for you, check out our blog post from this time last year where we talked shop about what a closet audit is and what all it entails.


Closet Audit Season: In Action

Just last week, our Nashville Stylists, Katie Rushton and Katey Preston worked their magic in a client’s closet. This particular client was really wanting to have her closet cleaned out (after a move and a drastic downsizing). She wanted to be ready to start fresh in her new closet in the new year. And, boy, after looking at the before and after snaps of her closet, we know she is ready to face 2019 feeling confident! What a wonderful feeling it is to start the new year with a newly cleaned out, streamlined and organized closet! Take a look below.

Closet Audit Season Nashville Closet Clean-Out

Closet Audit Season Nashville Closet Clean-Out

Closet Audit Season Nashville Closet Clean-Out

Closet Audit Season Nashville Closet Clean-Out

If you find yourself thinking that a closet audit may be a good idea for you as we enter into the new year, shoot us a message to learn more, ask any questions you may have or to book a date for your cleaning out with one of our stylists! Also, make sure to check out the below. We are sharing what some of our clients have said about having their closet cleaned out with us!


Closet Audit Season: What Katey Preston’s Clients Are Saying…..

Katey (Preston) was so professional during my closet audit process. She gave me candid feedback without making me feel embarrassed about some of the things I still have in my closet. I got my closet audit as a birthday present. It’s been one of the most unique and memorable gifts I have gotten! I have a closet of clothes I actually wear now!     – J.H.

There are so many things I love about Katey (Preston) as a stylist! In my closet audit meeting, she was very intentional about making my closet work. She encouraged me to buy only what I truly needed to add to what I already had, and those items were reasonably priced too! In the end, I saved money because my purchasing was guided and more intentional!     – S.B.

I received my closet audit with Katey (Preston) for my birthday. It is one of the most memorable gifts I have ever received. I was afraid I would be pushed towards things that were either too expensive or impractical, but instead I now have a closet with all clothes that I actually wear. No more staring into the abyss wondering how I have so many clothes and “nothing to wear.”     – A.B.

My closet audit with Katey (Preston) was much less intimidating that I was expecting. Katey was full of wonderful tips and tricks that enabled me to better shop on my own. I am also wearing more things that were already in my closet after my closet audit because Katey showed me how to style them with what I already have!     – J.L.

Katey (Preston) was wonderful to work with during the entire closet audit process. She gave me great feedback as we were working through my closet. I loved how Katey explained why certain pieces worked for me and how they worked with other pieces in my closet, so I could learn how to style things on my own.     – T.B.


Closet Audit Season: What Katie Rushton’s Clients Are Saying…..

Katie (Rushton) was an excellent choice for my closet audit. It is such a relief that I have gotten rid of so many things I wasn’t using, kept the best of what I already had, and can start identifying my own personal style and colors that look best on me. I loved working with Katie and will call her for further consultations.     – J.T.

Katie (Rushton) has a great eye for fashion. She was very professional, which undoubtedly comes from her background in the business world. I appreciated that she sent a questionnaire in advance and that we were able to meet in person prior to jumping into my closet audit. I will definitely hire her again!     – C.H.

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