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About a month ago we shared a post about our Closet Audit service. We love doing Closet Audits with clients, especially this time of year when everyone is ready for a refresh! Today, we thought we’d take talking about our closets one step further. We love to work with clients cleaning out their clothes and accessories. But we often recommend our friends at A Fresh Space organizing to those clients that need more in depth organizing help once we’ve completed a good clean out.

Today, our friend Liz Jenkins, owner of A Fresh Space is going to share a little more with you guys about how they approach organizing handbags and purses!


Organizing Handbags

It’s usually pretty straightforward to organize clothing in a closet – hanging or in drawers, matching hangers and ROYGBIV. But then we get down to all of the accessories. The varying sizes and shapes can make it challenging! These tips and products may solve your problem when it comes to your purses!

Handbags can lose value and appeal when they get creased or damaged. And if you like to swap out your bags regularly, it’s a pain when they are all jumbled up and you can’t find what you need. We recommend grouping like bags with like. Editing out the ones you don’t want or need, and then determine the best storage options for each. 



Our Favorite Handbag Organizing Products

One of our favorite ways to organize and store handbags that have a strap is the Luxe handbag hanger. If you’ve got a bit of closet rod to spare, this is a fabulous way to store your purses! The top handle keeps the strap from creasing and hanging them keeps them easy to access.

Organizing Handbags and Purses Luxe Acrylic Handbag Hanger



Another method is to stuff the bags (we like to take the dust bag and stuff full of packing paper or bubble wrap, or any other soft bag) and place in a decorative basket or bin. If you don’t have the dust bag, you can easily purchase replacements. Tip: resale sites like Poshmark sell luxury brand dust bags!

We love these linen open boxes (they also come in gray) as they look great on the shelf and the style holds taller bags as well as shorter ones so you can see them all (kind of like a step riser in a pantry!). 

Organized Closet Linen Purse Storage Bin


You can also use purse stuffers that are specifically designed for this. 

Organizing Handbags and Purses Quilted Purse Shapers for Storage



For clutches, we love these 4 compartment acrylic organizers as they keep them from rubbing up against each other and make them easy to grab.

Acrylic 4-Section Purse Storage Organizer



We love to line handbags up on shelves by color and/or style and use shelf dividers to keep them sorted and upright. And we like to keep most frequently used at more accessible level and less used bags on upper shelves. Creating a gorgeous vignette can really make your closet a happy place!

Closet Ideas Organizing Handbags and Purses



You can also consider seasonally swapping your handbags and storing them in weathertight totes in another space in the home if that works for you.

Storing Handbags Clear Dust-proof Handbag Protector


Organizing and storing your bags properly means they’ll stay tidy and clean and usable for years to come!

About A Fresh Space:

Liz Jenkins, owner of A Fresh Space in Nashville, TN, and her team specializes in creating gorgeous and organized spaces since 2005. In addition, they provide move management services with decluttering, home styling and full service unpacking. Find more information and organizing tips at A Fresh Space and Instagram. And make sure to sign up for A Fresh Space’s email newsletter!

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