Pilgrimage Festival…What to Wear

Pilgrimage Festival What to Wear

Our Nashville Stylist, Emily Goodin has got festival wear down to an art! She’s helped countless clients dress for various concerts and festivals, and since our very own Pilgrimage Festival is just around the corner, we thought it only fitting that Emily share with you some thoughts on what to wear to this years grand event!


Pilgrimage Festival: What to Wear

Pilgrimage Festival is going to be EPIC! Foo Fighters, LIVE, Better Than Ezra…it’s like my 90’s high school dream! The Killers?! What?!  “I know the score, like the back of my hand…” And can we talk about Leon Bridges and Keith Urban bringin’ the soul to the party?!! But, maybe the best part of the festival is going to be finding a new artist and becoming an instant fan of their music! So, with all of this excitement, there’s a BIG question that is crossing my mind as the festival approaches – WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!

I know I’ll be walking a lot…in a field…so there go the heels! I need to carry my ID, money and credit cards, my phone, my lip gloss, sunscreen…but I don’t want to be holding a big bag or purse while I’m dancing! What’s the temperature going to be like? Well, it is Tennessee so it’s gonna be humid! I hope sweaty is a “look!” Seriously, though. What do I wear?! After all, there are some realities of attending a music festival!


Festival Wear Style Tips

You will be outdoors all day. Although there are tents and other wonderful amenities set up on the property, you might want to consider wearing a hat. The good thing about a hat is it not only protects you from the sun, it can elevate your style game! Fidoras and cowboy hats will guarantee you’re on-trend at Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage Festival What to Wear Hats

Wide Brim Straw Hat // Wool Nico Hat // Belt Buckle Fedora Hat // Refined Floppy Wool Hat

You will be walking in a field. So, put the heels back in the closet. Unique gladiator sandals, short bootie boots, stylish sneakers, and cowboy boots are my top shoe picks. Style blogs will tell you that wedges are great for standing on grass, but let’s be honest – how many of us have twisted an ankle stepping onto uneven ground in a wedge?! I suggest going with a short, block heel or flat instead. This will allow you to keep your style ON POINT but you’ll be comfortable walking around and DANCING!

Pilgrimage Festival What to Wear Festival Appropriate Shoes

Perforated Ankle Bootie // Gladiator Sandal // White Sneaker // Western Boots

You have a lot to carry, but you want to be hands-free. I totally understand! No one wants to carry a large bag around all day! It can hinder your good times! I know, I know – you need your “stuff”. However, Pilgrimage has you covered with many of the items you might want to toss in your handbag. Sunscreen – we got you. Water – we got you. Blanket – leave it at home. So, for the items that you WILL need to carry on your person (ID, money and credit cards, phone, lip gloss), choose a small cross body bag that will allow you to keep your personal items close but you can dance like there’s no tomorrow!

What to Wear to Festivals Crossbody Bags

Leather Crossbody Bag // Tassel Crossbody Bag // Round Faux Leather Crossbody Bag // Corduroy Suede Chain Crossbody Bag

It could be hot during the day so wearing light-weight fabrics is key! For the ladies, it’s all about gypsy-inspired fashion. Beautiful, printed fabrics – kimonos and flowy dresses are a must! Layer your jewelry. Put on necklaces, bracelets, and rings…then put on more necklaces, bracelets and rings! It’s ok to be over accessorized at a festival. If “gypsy” isn’t your thing, choose some ripped jean shorts, a band tee, a unique necklace, and some statement earrings. Some of you have asked about age versus fashion at a festival. Honestly, ALL ages can wear a kimono over shorts or a beautiful flowy dress. The only items I think should be left to the youngsters are crop tops and daisy dukes. And, as you can tell by my Daisy Duke reference, I should NOT be wearing a crop top or shorty shorts! Ha!

Pilgrimage Festival What to Wear Kimonos Lightweight Fabrics

Floral Print Wrap Jacket // Bell-Sleeved Kimono // Little Wing Duster Kimono

If you’re still questioning what you’re wearing for Pilgrimage, shoot me a message! I’ll be happy to help!

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